Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Definition: "to think about seriously" "to believe after deliberation" "to regard highly" "to think carefully".

I love to consider. To sit quietly and really think something through. The process of considering is peaceful to me. Satisfying. Filling.

Tonight I'm considering these things:

*head lice--after much internet reading I "believe after deliberation" that we may be near the end of our little epidemic. Kinley is clear of those pesky things...my bald males are clear and my obsessive washing of all the bedding wasn't completely necessary but since its done...nice.

*blog comments--- I love to hear from friends and family! I "regard highly" your love and encouragement

*Isaac's eye--our son is required to wear a patch at least two hours a day in order to train his weak eye to see. I "think seriously and carefully" on ways to actually make that happen. Tonight, I consider him a champ---he has worn the patch 5 of 7 days for the last several weeks.

*prayer--I "believe after deliberation" that prayer to God Jehovah is one of my most valued treasures. He is Safe. He is the welcoming place--ready to hear me. Whatever I have to say...

*need--I have been "thinking seriously and carefully" on needing. I don't personally enjoy "needing". I DELIGHT in "meeting needs"...but the actual "needing" myself. I'm not too good at it. Of course, I do have needs...but when asked about them...I often stare blankly ahead while my brain tries to formulate an acceptable answer. Why is that? I don't know. But needing is inherent in us...It is why we are with other people--- why we seek God.

I do love the considering of a thing...

God says : "Consider it pure joy....when you face trials and hardships of many kinds." James 1:2
"Consider how the lilies grow...they do not labor...yet...not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these." Luke 12: 27

What are you considering today?


sherilyn said...

I'm considering......how did I birth a child who thinks so deeply?......Amazing! I love reading your thoughts. If only blogs had been invented when you were a teenager! :-) I love you!

kristi w said...

I find it amazing that you, mother of four, have any time or peace to ponder anything! But that is probably why you enjoy it so much - it is a treasure.

leanordwarner29887857 said...

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Cheryl said...

Kristi--it was a brief opportune moment between 2 and 3 AM! I have paid the price these last few days...but the moment itself was amazing!

Jim Coffey said...

I'm considering what it feels like to be homeless. We're safe, we evacuated from Houston ahead of the murderous traffic, we have three cars full of photographs and home movies. It is just starting to sink in that my house may be gone on Saturday. In the scale of your world - I'm still a very rich man. And in God's eyes, I'm priceless. I've always said that all I really need is a tent, a library card, and enough money to buy Dr. Pepper. It looks like God may be calling my bluff.

Pray for the families from New Orleans who went to Houston and are now having to evacuate again.

www.xanga.com\daddy_o_daddy_o for more up to date stuff.

Oh, and I find it constantly amazing that my youth minister's little girl is a missionary-ette in Africa. I look at your pictures on the blog, but in my minds eye you're still 10 years old. I'm very proud to know you and your folks.

phyllis said...

Your thoughts, written late at night, are great. I consider you a blessing, dear daughter-in-law. Jeff is one lucky guy to have you in his life and mommy to his four children. Thanks for sharing your musings.