Thursday, September 01, 2005

Freeze Tag

I got tagged to list my top ten favorite songs...and its not that I don't enjoy a good game of tag...I've just been a bit stumped. We have one radio station in town that boasts a variety of 80's greatest (or not so greatest) hits, Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers duets and rap songs featuring offensive lyrics to disgust any English speaker around. So to choose my top ten, I am limited to our own CD collection--which I love but is definitely not exhaustive.

So currently in my CD player is Steven Curtis Chapman "All Things New", Casting Crowns, and Newsboys "Adoration".
Top favorite songs are:

*"What If His People Prayed" Casting Crowns
*"Your Love is Extravagant" Casting Crowns
*"Praise You with the Dance"Casting Crowns
*"Only Getting Started" Steven Curtis Chapman
*Unfailing Love" Chris Tomlin
*"The Way I Was Made" Chris Tomlin

I know that is only six...but I did my best. I am a big fan of Harry Connick Jr., Norah Jones, Mercy Me, Third Day, Rascal Flats, Kenny Chesney... and many more.

Thanks for including me in the game...

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kristi w said...

Thanks for playing, Cheryl! I actually struggled just as much, it sounds like. My problem is that I don't listen to cds much; I listen to whatever is on the radio. I change the station if I don't like it. And I definitely don't know who is singing what!