Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oh Rats!

Here we go again! The sound of scurrying feet...the unexplainable bumps and clunks from the kitchen....LOVELY telltale droppings of the not-so-welcome houseguest. A rat.
Stella spied him first behind my washing machine. Isaac and I spied him second when we turned the kitchen light on two mornings ago. Jeff spied him third during his 5 am study session. The kids and I all saw him today when he scurried over our feet (OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!) as we walked to the kitchen for breakfast. Nice.
I have a lovely home. Comfy furniture. Color co-ordinated decor. We clean. And still that little nasty varmit has invaded.
I'll forgo the obvious spiritual applications and simply say, "I WANT HIM OUT!!!"
So, begins the process...the mad plugging and stuffing of old blankets and rags in any crack or crevice we can find. Strategically placing long sticks and broom handles to be grabbed at a seconds notice to pound a tiny beedy eyed head. The tenative first walk through the house in the morning (flip on the light, grit your teeth, search every corner and inch of floor space before you step...)
I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm sure we will be victorious. My husband, with all the masculine hunter/masacre-small-rodent instincts at play, will seek and destroy. Alex's big Rat Annhilator weapon ("its a BIG BIG stick mom that would SMASH 'em good!") has been carefully designed and stored. And my clean and tidy box of DCon has been placed on the highest shelf near the hole where he has been entering. One way or another, he will be escorted from the premises.
Preferably not by me.
Preferably, very soon.


raw food diet dude said...
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kristi w said...

Ack! I hate that! We had mice last year. Lots and lots of mice. Not all at once, mind you. They would take turns, quickly replacing themselves as fast as we could...dispose of them. I lost count in the thirties. Did I just mistype? No, the 3-0-s. I seriously have some PTSD issues with little rodents now.

Lori Ann said...

Ohhhh blah. I am so sorry for you!
When I see a mouse I jump out of my skin, I couldn't imagine a RAT!
Happy Hunting!

KMiV said...

For a minute I thought it was going to be that caterpillar/bug that has poisonous stingers that you told us about.

We get mice occaisionally but I couldn't imagine a rat.

Aimee Jo said...

OH GROSS! I am so happy that I did not see one when we were there! Andrew is totally in charge of killing things like that-I just leave the area until it's gone! Hope you kill it soon. :) I love your blog, by the way. Miss you lots and love you too!

cousincami said...

What a nice site. It's so good to see pictures of the kids and hear your news. I wanted to send a long e-mail, but didn't find your address here. Mine is I'd love to hear from you!

cousincami said...

What a nice site! I've enjoyed seeing pic.'s of the kids and reading about what's going on. I'd love to hear from you and catch up.
Love, Cami

Trisha said...

Yuck! We will be glad to hear when he is gone and your home is safe once again!

Alex Cash, my Alex would love to join you in the hunt! He hopes you get him with that big, big stick!

phyllis said...

Mice are NOT nice,
but a nasty rat?
I shudder to think of that!

To Jeff and Alex too:
Men hunt all kinds of beast,
Get that rat soon--deceased!

Then Cheryl can relax.
A woman's home is her nest,
Her heart needs to be at rest!

Love to you all, Grammy

SM said...

Hey Cheryl... this is Joel, your intern with Houston from a long time ago. Remember? Who wore green pants that Robert and Ronald didn't like and got bed bugs really bad from the Bukonjo?

Anyway, we're staying at Houston and Kelly's for a few nights and they gave us your blog link. Glad to see you guys are blogging! Please greet anyone who might still remember me.