Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Nap

I have always loved Sunday afternoons.

Growing up, we had wonderful Sunday afternoons. There was church in the morning, Mamma's roast dinner or Mexican food for lunch, then several hours of pouring through the mammoth Sunday paper with football or golf commentators for background music. And of course, the icing on the cake, was always.....The Nap.

You know, the dozing--all is right with the world--peaceful--satisfying slumber. Ahhhhhh....

Since earning the rank of Mommy---naps have become a rare and priceless treasure. They are not just the restful moments I crave---but are also a feat of unprecedented planning and choregraphed timing.

Today was a banner day. After church and three year old and one year old were ready for naps AT THE SAME TIME!!!! What a moment. My heartbeat quickened as we went through the napping rituals---stories, pacifiers, blankets. And then, in one breathless moment...they were out. A quick peak revealed the 7 year old and 5 year old engrossed in a video and with quick and silent (shhhhhhh!!!!!) steps, I tiptoed to my bed.

My pillow, suede throw, silence around me (can this be happening?!?!?) and then the moment of sheer delight---sllllleeeeeeeep. The last thing I heard as I drifted into that VERY GOOD PLACE was the sound of raindrops. Perfection.

TWO AND A HALF HOURS later, I was awakened by a sweet three year old hand patting my head.
"Hi Mommy. You were sweeping...."

Yes, my dear. I was.
And it was very good.


Glenn said...

Not being mommy, I can only imagine the pure delight of an unplanned siesta. However, Sundays have once again become time for the "special nap." The alarm gets me up at 5:00 AM in time to get to the Elder's meeting at 6:00 AM. where we pray and solve problems [well, we talk about them]until 7:55 AM. 8 o'clock worship, 9:30 class, back to 2nd worship at 10:45, out shortly after noon. Small Group w/meal at 12:45, home a little after 3:00 PM. What to do? Football is almost over. Paper too big to read, so will read it later. Live-in grandkids and their parents have moved to their new home. Oh, what a pleasant thought - The Nap. What is that I hear on the porch? The three young ones for the afternoon???? When God created grand children and other good things, he knew that someday he would help us create the VIDEO. Grammy puts on video, granddad retires to bedroom and The Nap. Oh yes - So nice. ZZZZZZZZZZ.

Lynn said...

Mom's nap in conjunction with NASA race. Hope she wakes in time to see the finish. No worry though. She's taping just in case (reminds me of a joke)she is still napping. My nap as always is in conjunction with the football game, or the golf tournament, or the basketball game or "bad boys, bad boys, whacha gonna do, whacha gonna do when they come for you?" And I never see the end of any of it. I still have to watch 10 o'clock sports to see who won. I know the COPS outcome, because I've already seen them all, and they they don't show them unless they catch them.

Lynn said...

Oops, did I say NASA? I must have been napping. That's NASCAR, as in Tony Stewart, Jr, Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon, etc.

Lynn said...

Could have been one of them Freudian foo fahs, you know up there among the stars, dreaming, "in another world"

Lynn said...

I lost my head there a minute, didn't I Alex and Kinley and Isaac and Silas?

Rusty and Laura said...

Hi, Cheryl. This is Laura (Stephens) Campbell. I just discovered your blog through a comment you left on my dad's blog. I look forward to keeping up with your family happenings. When you have time, check out our blog. We have some big news to share, but maybe you already know. . . Oh, and welcome to the blogging world!

phyllis said...

Your comments took me back a few years to when our kiddos were small and naptime was precious. Spacing our four kids 3-4 years apart made for interesting planning on getting a time for mommy to nap. Jeff was always ready for adventure and play instead of a quiet sleepy afternoon! Once in a blue moon I'd experience that blissful state of quiet slumber. I still enjoy it!

Trisha said...

Just had to say, our family all took Sunday naps yesterday--one of those glorious moments in life. Somewhere in the middle of my sweet rest I awoke to the feeling of a ViewMaster being pressed to my (closed) eyes.

"Here, mommy, look at this! Isn't it cool?"

" me later..."

An hour later when he came back, I worked myself back into reality and observed the lovely pictures of sharks and killer whales and tried to respond more graciously.

Who knows what happened in the interim!