Thursday, December 22, 2005

Perfect Gift

Christmas Eve was always my very favorite day of the year. Everyone was gathering. Family was coming. Gifts were wrapped and under the tree. Chicken spaghetti was cooking. The anticipation...the readiness...the expectancy...

My family opened gifts on Christmas Eve. And it was perfect.

We'd gather around 4 or 5 pm. My sister and I would volunteer to sort the gifts (I love to sort!). Everyone would have their pile of wrapped loot. We'd find our spot...and... then...the paper would fly!!! No waiting for one at a time in the Money household. Just pure, unhindered...digging in.
There would be exclaims...joyous laughs...expectant faces as someone opened the perfect gift...pleasure over seeing the joy the gift brings... FUN!

I guess its fitting that Christmas Eve is my favorite day. Because in 1999, Christmas Eve brought me a treasure unlike any I'd received before.

He was a surprise for us. Kinley was only one year old when he was conceived. That would make them 21 months apart. Yikes!

Jeff and I always knew what we would name a boy. Alexander Scott. It was a done deal...and despite my hormonally charged name hunts...Alexander Scott remained first on the list.

He was beautiful when he was born. Perfect really. What is it about a newborn that makes you just STARE at them for hours? During those first few days I stared and stared. God had given us a son.

We took him back to the guesthouse at the Schrage's house Christmas day. We were all in love with this boy. His grin stole my heart from the first day until, well, even now.

It was six years ago today. He is not a cuddly bundle in my arms anymore. I can barely pick that sturdy guy up at all.

He looks just like my Dad. Funny thing,that. You see...five months before Alex entered the world...Bryson entered the world. My baby sister had her first baby. And I wasn't there to see it. It was awful for me, on this side of the ocean. Still is one of the things about our life choice I grieve the most. I kept asking God to help me through. To comfort. And He did the most amazing thing. He gave me a boy too...that looks just like Bryson. Seriously.

I don't know what YOU think about providential planning...but everytime I see Bryson, Alex and my Dad together...I know God is watching and providing simple little gifts that often hold us together.

Alex is a delight in my life. He is his sister's best friend. Isaac's hero. Silas' champion. His Dad's first born Son.

He spends his days ripping through school (the boy is sharp!), building spaceships, listening to music, protecting mankind (and his sister) from all evil in the world...sometimes as a knight, sometimes as a cowboy, sometimes as a soldier and sometimes as a Super (you know, batman, spiderman, superman...etc.) And, he has a passion for...scotch tape. He asks me for about 20 pieces "just this big" every day. He is always creating with that tape.

I love when I tuck him in at night. His brain is in the slow down mode...but not quite there yet. He asks a million questions...tries the water request...tries to read a few more lines of his book...but just as I start to leave his bedside...those strong six-year old arms reach out, pull me into a hug and he whispers, "love you Mom." And the grin. Always the grin.....

Happy Birthday Alex! To date...and most definitely forever...the very best gift I ever got on Christmas Eve.....


Sherilyn said...

And a great big AMEN from Nana. What a wonderful gift you gave us 6 years ago. Our precious Alex. The gifts are under the tree,the goodies are ready to be eaten, everything is in order and the anticipation is definitely in the air. But there's something very important missing....the presence of the Cash part of our family. The holidays are never the same without you. You are thought of and talked about constantly when we're all together and this year will be no exception. Hug Alex for us and give him a great big birthday smooch from Papa and me.
I love you! Mom

kristi w said...

Happy Birthday, big Alex!! I love it when you and William and Trinity get to be together (the Cash side cousins born within nine months). It's probably a good thing it's just occasionally - the trouble the three of you might cause! Or maybe you are supposed to be the mind of reason for these other two crazy kids! We love you SOOOO much and will sing you a big Happy Birthday from here. Listen closely - we'll try to sing loud.

Lynn said...

Mom warned me to have plenty of Kleenex when I read the blog. Didn't have enough, had to use the extra absorbant paper towel I am using for a napkin while I eat Rosa's fajitas for lunch. It is smelling like Christmas around here and we will be calling Alex on his birthday so we can screech happy birthday to him. Until then, Happy Birthday Alex. You are the best Christmas eve gift Nana and Papa has ever received too. I love you! Dad/Papa

Cherise said...

It is so evident how God has provided for the distance (in miles only) in our family. I miss seeing your kids everyday, however, I still feel such a part of their lives as well. Watching Bryson grow, I know that Alex mirrors him. I can harldly wait till furlough...Happy Birthday, precious Alex... We love you more than you know
Aunt Reese

Trisha said...

Happy Birthday, Alex Cash! Alex Wall and I were thinking of you on your birthday, too! Wish we could have had a party together! Maybe when you come on furlough we'll have a non-birthday party with Bryson too! We love you and are sure glad God brought two "Defender's of Mankind" to the world to take care of their sisters--and whoever else God may put in your lives someday!

phyllis said...

Another expected baby=another counted crossstitch Christmas stocking! When I hear about a new one-to-be, I am thrilled, but then starts THE HUNT! Stockings are not easy to find, at least the perfect stocking with a great Santa on it. But somehow, when it was time to find one for Alex, the perfect one appeared--with Santa in his workshop on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24 on the calendar!
Alex is the perfect Christmas Eve gift--and a blessing to us all.
We love you, you big 6 yr. old! Grammy