Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Still Breathing

Graul arrival. Check.
Faith Quest. Check.
Game Park Safari. Check.
Kyenjojo church visit. Check.
Alex's Birthday. Check.
Christmas. Check.
Rwebesengo/Ntoroko trip. Check.Check.

To briefly recap...these past few weeks have trillion referreed toy discussions ("mine!","no, mine!"), 65,000 choice statements ("Isaac, if you choose to hit Mali with the robot you are choosing a time out."), 450 sippy cups of juice, 150 bowls of cereal, 12 boxes of macaroni and cheese, 6 hacking coughs, 5 nights camping in tents(with 7 children under 7 yrs), 4 stomach bugs, two road trips ("Ms. Cheryl, can you PLEASE stop making it so bumpy!"), more fruit snacks than you can possibly imagine....and a partridge in a pear tree...

And we are all still breathing...

In the midst of all that...with remarkable conversational prowess..Kaelea (mama Graul) and I have managed to have several meaningful talks and sharing times. (God is good and gracious :-))

...we've listened to some really good music (which Ike loaded on my new MP3 player!)

...watched some really funny movies!

...shared the ups and downs of ministering here and there


...watched our children laugh, cry and love each other
(Alex said the other night at bedtime,"Mom, I'll be really sad when Isaiah has to go.")

...made memories we will treasure for years

We've got @ two weeks left with the Grauls. More fruit snacks, mac n cheese and, well, one or two more referreed toy discussions probably too...("Ike, its Jeff's turn now...")

But we will all keep breathing slowly in and out...praising God for the blessings He keeps bringing our way.

Thank you for your prayers. (and thank you PUMP friends for sharing the Grauls with us.)


kristi w said...

No malaria - Check.
Car accidents averted - Check.
Game park with no lion maulings or snake bites - Check.
All children accounted for - Check.
Physical altercations within the home kept to a minimum - Check.
Encouragement for Cash family - Check.
Sabattical for Grauls - Check.

Sounds like a very successful visit so far! We will continue to pray that these last two weeks will be overflowing with joy, laughter and even a little peace for all of you.

Glenn said...

Seven children under seven? Hmmmm, that sounds familiar. Let's see, it was a little over a year ago a certain family came from Africa - Oh yes, another family was living with us at the time...

Cheryl you are such a great hostess and make people feel so welcome - it's a gift. [At least to those of us who visit it is.] That's one of the reasons we keep our 5 bedroom house - maybe someone will come to visit and feel comfortable about staying. [You are right Kristi, 13 months is enough.] I'm glad it is going well, even if Ike and Jeff have to learn to share.

phyllis said...

Alex has it right when he says you will miss this bunch! When Ike told me he wanted to take their kids to Uganda to be with yours, I thought "What a great idea!" So many times children are left out of mission plans. What a blessing they are to your kids. I can see Alex and Isaiah sword fighting, Kinley mothering the girls, and Isaac and Silas enjoying playing with everyone. I'm so glad Kalea and you have had this time together to just talk and visit.
Enjoy every hectic moment with those seven under seven!

Steve Maxwell said...

Cheryl, you guys sound like you are having a "PUMP like time". Other wise referred to as "Controlled Chaos". I am very glad to here you and "Lea Kae" (she can explain) have hit it off. And Jeff and Ike deserve one another. I love them both for their dedication to God and His mission on this earth. And as one on behalf of PUMP, you are very welcome. We at PUMP, thank you for hosting and "resting" our lovely family. God bless you all and have a Happy New Year!