Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Two Years and Counting

We hit a milestone this week.

Our baby turned two. And we are NOT expecting another one! :-)

Two is always a memorable marks the beginning of what will be some intense years of parenting. These boundary testing oh my.

The irony of a two year old is that the complete joy and delight of one moment can instantaneously transform into the most difficult test of patience and temper you have ever experienced....and then, before the time-out is're back to joy and delight.

Quite the ride.

And I have to I'm glad to experience...all told.

Silas was our true surprise. My first months of carrying him were filled with astounded shock. I COULD NOT be pregnant. But, alas. The nausea over came me...and the stick showed two lines.

His arrival took place on this soil...Uganda. His first months were full of colicky fun (?). His first year included travel to four different countries, a trip to Disneyland and so much attention from his doting siblings he still thinks the world revolves around him.

He is....a sign of how well God knows me....and keeps on giving anyway.

My birthing days have been a whirlwind. Four kids in 5 1/2 years. The baby years have felt like a blur. But through this last one...I've been able to actually hold on to the moments a time or two.... and I have so cherished those times. I think with number four...I was trying really hard to pay attention.
My Father must have known I needed that.
One more opportunity to open my eyes a little wider. One more baby to have our features and personality traits (egads!)--with all the joy and humility that demands! One more precious awareness of the constant need to re-evaluate what I value.

On his birthday this week, he actually let me rock him for 20 minutes. We had guests coming for a party. I had lunch to get ready...cakes to ice...a floor to sweep. But it was time for his nap and I was trying to make it a little bit special. He cuddled in my lap and we sat in the silence. Just the two of us. Rocking. I guess because I know from experience that these moments rush away...I WAS paying attention. And it was delightful.

Several of my friends are already at the letting go stage of parenting...and I'm starting to believe them when they say it will be here before I know it.
But it's hard to think about that now. Tomorrow lies on the other side of a few hours of sleep...and with tomorrow comes sippy cups to fill, diapers to change, potty training to master, more than one battle of wills, books to read,pacifiers to locate...

Through the blur, the "moments" emerge. I'm striving to savor and experience...not just "get through".

A milestone.

For me, Silas' two year mark, signifies the longest stretch I've gone in 7 years without being pregnant. (Could it be we FINALLY figured this out?!?!?)

But more than that. Silas' big day signifes God's all knowing and yet remarkably merciful care. He KNOWS what we deserve and yet lovingly gives us something way better. It's pretty stinkin' great, if you ask me.

I always wanted to be a Mommy.

God blessed me four times over. He is good.

Happy Birthday Silas. I am so glad you are here!


Cherise said...

Happy Birthday, Silas Ryan!!! I am so very glad that you are here. I can hardly wait till furlough to "get to know" you more. We Love YOU! Aunt Reese

Steve Maxwell said...

Happy Birthday SILAS. And God bless you and your family. And Happy Mothers Day and God bless you for capturing those moments and savoring them.

amy said...

Happy Birthday Silas!
just put my not so little boys to bed and boy do I know the time flys. Enjoy each moment-Cheryl thanks for the reminder.
Love & miss you!

kristi w said...

Make Aunt Kristi cry there, Cheryl! We have a hard time not referring to him as "Baby Silas" around our house. I'm sure he'll vocally object if that ever slips out in his presence!

Happy Birthday, little man!
- Uncle Allan, Aunt Kristi, Trinity, Connor & baby cousin.

Deeapaulitan said...

It has been so many years now since ours were potty trained, testing the proverbial boundries, and mispronouncing words with an endearing little lisp. They really are moments to treasure and cherish. I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been lurking in the shadows for several months. I enjoy your sweet spirit.

Sherilyn said...
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Sherilyn said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Silas! You are so precious and we're very thankful that you were in His plan for our family. I love you!

Jim Coffey said...

Happy Birthday Silas. And total congratulations to the proud parents. Unlike a lot of people, I love two year olds, that odd mix of defiance and defenslessness ... it was always sad to think that I wouldn't have my little best friend any more - so we kept having them until we ran out of seats in the mini van ... God's way of saying it's time to stop procreating.

I love reading your post - and the comments from the many wonderful Christian friends.

I'll point you to a blog from a brand new missionary couple we sent out to Chili last year. At the tender age of 24 John and Errin Fonner quit their jobs at NASA to go start a student ministry in Chili. Their first time back to the states was this Christmas ... as you read their blog you'll recognize the joy and the angst of the newbi missionary.

Love lots - Jim