Sunday, June 11, 2006


It was Day Two of Seaworld.

We had made the steamy hike from the parking lot (if I could only transfer one quarter of that tarmac to Uganda...) and were putting our shoes back on after a run through the water play place--

When I felt someone staring at me.

Oh. My. Goodness.

The shrieks and squeals reverberated through the park!



My Amy and her boys at Seaworld. At the exact same time as me.

Well. It was only fitting.

We survived summer camp, boyfriends, breakups, trials, heartbreak, finals, chorus tours, college commutes, engagements, weddings, marriages, and pregnancies together.

It was hightime we faced Seaworld! :-)

Amazing how things work out isn't it?

My boys LOVED the sharks. Kinley LOVED the Log Ride and the Water Slides. Silas LOVED the squishy ball Jeff bought him in the gift shop.

I LOVED seeing Amy. What a gift.

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amy said...

what a great pic! your words were so special. I told my 5th graders at camp about meeting my "camp buddy" at Sea World. I reminded them that they are making life long friends. I also reminded them that God is allllways working. Just as our meeting was definitely a "God thing". You don't know how much I needed my Cheryl. hope to see you in Tyler.