Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Taco Villa

Bean b-e-a-n burrito. Nachos--no peppers. Medium coke with a shot of cherry flavor.


I have had so many meals at Taco Villa in my life. I can't even count them. It was the regular for our youth group. If I thought long enough I could even think of what everyone else used to order.

I love to go there.

I shared alot of secrets, dreams, laughs, moments over beans and nacho cheese.

The arched entry ways. The red bricked countertops. The unmistakeable scent of refried beans, nacho cheese and jalapeno peppers.

Crushes, first love, warm summer nights, dollar movies...


It's funny how a place and its scents can take you back.


Jim Coffey said...

Oh my goodness - the memories. I am so jealous. Taco Bell doesn't even come close. It's truly amazing that every time Kim and I go back to west texas we ALWAYS go to Taco Villa.

Kim would crave bean B. E. A. N. burritos when she was pregnant with Matt (or at least she claimed she did). I'd find the wrappers in the trash almost every day.

KMiV said...

You can't beat a good taco. I was in Atlanta last week and forgot how much I missed cream gravy on my chicken fried steak, fried okra, and grits. Hard to believe the Northwest is like another culture.


Trisha said...

Taco Villa--where I first came to love Diet Coke. And where many, many heart-to-heart talks happened on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.

Also where my family drove through every Wed. night before church--18 bean burritos mild and 2 tacos (for mom). They always messed up our order, but we loved them anyway.