Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the Game

In alot of places its just another thing that happens on the weekend. You only go if your kids are actually involved.

And in some places it isn't really very fun. (gasp!)

My first participation was a long time ago. 1970 something.

I remember the lights. The voices around me. The wooden planks we sat on. And the way the black and white looked against the green.

It was pretty impressive. Even to a 5 yr old.

Holding hands. Taking a knee. Prayer. They were in it together.

Young men. Learning how to stand for each other and with each other.

Just kids. Sometimes making mistakes. Sometimes getting it right. But never quitting.

It was (and is) a community gathering.

An event that brings people together.

All cultures have them.

I grew up loving it so much.

In my humble opinion the moment that illustrates all the best of this event took place in Dallas.

The Arlington Game.

We were outsized. We were not expected to succeed.

The odds...the reality...the logic...

All were against us.

But our guys showed up. And we did too. About 22,000 of us.

It was an amazing phenomenon.

The other guys steamrolled our crew. They had it in the bag.

Our young men were tired, beaten, worn down and determined.

34-14 at the end of the third quarter.

34-34 at the end.

We won on penetrations.

It was amazing.

Some folks wonder why the whole town shows up. Why everyone talks about it. Why everyone knows.

Many have evaluated it. A book was written. Opinions abound.

The answer?

Passion? For some.

Love of the game? For most.

Supporting kids? Almost always.

Community? Most definitely.

Black and white against the green.

It is an impressive sight. And still, thirty something years later, it makes my heart pound with excitement.

Something GREAT could happen here. In an unexpected place. In an unexpected way.

Hard work. Determination. Team.

A definitive event for my home culture.

I love it still.

(Go Mojo!)


Jim Coffey said...

I was there in Arlington. I was there when you went to your first game.

But the game that really stands out for me was 1980, Texas Stadium, Permian vs. Port Neches Groves - Jerry Hix was quarterback... same story - we were too small, behind at the half - come behind to win state.

If we played 5-0 loud enough the team would score, right?

Welcome home Mojo Mama.

Lori Ann said...

THe same is played in small town Missouri! We are the Hornets, the mighty,mighty Hornets!
Everyone, who was anyone was there! We were 3A State Champs atleast a half dozen times!
Love and miss fall football in the south!

Patty said...

Must be a cultural thing-- I had no idea what you were talking about until I saw the word "quarterback" in the comments. I love you anyway!

Richard Gerth said...

Different year much the same story! 1970 - the game to watch was San Angelo Central & Odessa Permian...the game was for the eventual district crown...San Angelo came up lacking in the score 17 to 7! Since it was Central's home coming game, it made for a sad home coming dance!