Tuesday, June 13, 2006

R n R

"Recreation and Recovery" :-)

We vacationed in San Antonio with my family last week. It was Seaworld for two days,the Alamo and Riverwalk for one day and a whole lot of good steak, mexican food, and ice cream interspersed throughout.

The kids made MANY great memories.

The adults, now four days later, are mostly recovered from all the fun! :-)

It was really warm (read:stinkin' hot) and we walked alot. Seaworld had great shows and a fun water park. And alot of fish. Big ones that do cool tricks.

After a rather unfortunate experience with Travelodge we landed at a beautiful Holiday Inn with giant rooms and we felt very proud of ourselves for keeping up with my family on the San Antonio freeways that were fraught with construction issues and fast lane changes. We only followed the wrong car once. We were trying to figure out why Wade was headed to Lousiana after a long day at Seaworld but we were dutifully following until a phone call alerted us we were behind the wrong vehicle :-)

It was an adventure capped off at the end with sweet fellowship in San Angelo.

We are left now with the satisfying vacation stories we will repeat for many holidays to come. It's all good!

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Glenn said...

It was exactly 50 years ago this month that I arrived in San Antonio, a green draftee. No Seaworld, no River Walk,(that area along the river was so crummy it was off limits to servicemen), not much change in the Alamo though. They called it Basic Training (Medics), but it was so hot that all training had to stop about noon, by law because the temperature was over l05 F. I have a lot of memories, but few like yours. After keeping me in SA for 2 years they let me come home to cool Oregon - what did I do? Went back to Texas for 2 years in Abilene. Some things just cannot be explained.