Thursday, August 31, 2006


I don't know what I ever did without them. My Superheroes.

They can:
climb walls
destroy evil
see through concrete
breath under water
sword fight like Knights
box like Ali
protect their Beauty

and they are even sprouting fins :-)

They are Shark Boy. Lava Girl. Spiderman. Superman. Cowboys. Knights.

Good Guys.


They are brave. And inspiring.

"Mom, today we are Supers who fly around the world to tell people about God."


Brave. And inspiring.

My Heroes.


Cherise said...

Oh, how I miss those precious superheroes!!! Hey Kinley, I love your shirt:-) Aunt Reese

Lori Ann said...

cute picture Cheryl!

KMiV said...

Our 3 year old (Hunter) got a Batman mask for his birthday. His older brother (13) was picking on him and holding him down. Hunter kept saying, "Stop it Nathan, I'm a supahheewoh." Isn't it great when our kids pretend to be invincible!

Great pictures of the kids. Glad you all got back safely.

Patty said...

Spreaders of truth, mercy and the heavenly way. Very cool.

Kim Hodges said...

Hey! So good to see your name in my comments! I love how we are linked through so many of the same people.

What sweet superheroes you have! I think the only things mine can do are climb walls and destroy things!

We miss you guys and continue to pray for you and your work!

Jen said...

You are such an encouragement. Seeing the kids is such a delight. Hope you are well!


Trisha said...

Love it! The world needs more of that kind of superheroes!