Saturday, March 10, 2007


In a recent, informal interview with the youngest in our household...

What is your best song?
"Old Man Noah Built an Ark. Jesus Loves Me."

Favortie food?
"Hot dogs and fish and rice"

Favorite drink?
"Koolaid and water. But not water at night. I like koolaid."

Favorite toy?
"Guess what? Thomas" ( in Tank Engine)

Favorite friend?

Favorite place to go?
"Jotham’s house"

What’s your favorite blanket?
"Thomas blanket."

What makes you sad?
"Bleach, when I drink it."

When did you drink bleach?
"Yesserday I went to da kitchen and put bleach in my cup and dranked it and you weren't dere. It made me sad to drink dat bleach."


What makes you happy?

And with that...I'm off to find the bleach bottle and perhaps have a chat with poison control...


kristi w said...

I guess the fact that it's the next day and he's able to, you know, converse without vomiting or throwing up can give you relief! Ah, the joys of motherhood-

Cherise said...

Oh, how I love and miss that boy! Please post the outcome...I'm very curious. Love you all, Reese

Sherilyn said...

When I saw that precious picture upon opening your blog, I was all prepared for a really fun post. Oh my goodness!!!! PLEASE give us an update. I agree with Kristi that not seeing any "results" of the incident must be a good sign. I've never really tried to drink bleach, but it would be my guess that the first little sip would be enough to discourage any large consummtion. Then, I've been wrong before.........

Ben said...

Thinking of you guys tonight. I tried to call a few times but I couldn't get thru. I'm headed to Tyler on 3/21!! So much to do--but just miss you guys!

Lori Ann said...

oh, Mr. Thomas is a HUGE hit in our home, in fact we just finished Caleb's 2nd bday party, it was a thomas/cars theme!
well atleast the bleach hasn't affected his memory!

*word verification:ooey as in yuck!