Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nine Years and Counting...

I really don't have words sometimes.

My thankfulness for this gift has no bounds.

Her joy. Her amazing creativity. Her genuine love for people.

Her hunger to be close to God.

Nine years.

It is an honor to be your Mom, Kinley.

I love you...more than words can ever say.


Lori Ann said...

wow! 9, yikes how time flies!
I still have the picture of her listening to Nathan read the Dr. Suess book!
Happy Birthday!
May you have a terrific year!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday my sweet oldest grandchild and #1 granddaughter. I love you. Did your box from Nana and Papa get there? If not, maybe it will before your real birthday on Tuesday. I sure do love you girl!

Cherise said...

Oh, how I love that precious girl! Kinley, you are our "only",our angel. I love spending time with you. Your cousins in Texas miss you and speak of you so often. Happiest Birthday, sweet Kinley. You are so loved!! Aunt Reese, Uncle Wade, Bryson and Cason

Sherilyn said...

Happy birthday to my beautiful Kinley Beth! You are so special to me. We have lots of fun together! I can't believe you will soon be 9 years old! You are growing up really fast. I'll call you on Tuesday. I love you.

kristi w said...

Are you sure you are counting right -- NINE?1? It's hard to believe our sweet little girl is getting so grown up. Happy birthday, Miss Kinley!

- Uncle Allan, Aunt Kristi, Trinity, Connor, & Fiona

Jim Coffey said...

Happy Birthday Kinley. We've never met, but I remember your Mom when she was nine years old. Cheryl was cute, a bit shy, very serious and very smart. I remember your mom helping your Nana make treats for me and my teenage friends when we came to your Papa's house for bible studies.

Nine year olds are amazing. My youngest daughter is 10 years old and we have tons of fun. One of our favorite games is when she gets underneath a blanket and crawls around on the floor and pretends to be a roach. We have some pretty big roaches in Houston. Everyone runs around the house chasing the "roach" with a flyswatter while the "roach tries to grab our feet. Sometimes we'll leave a trail of food on the floor for the "roach" to munch on. It's a fun game because 9 and 10 year old girls are some of the most fun people on the planet.
Happy Birthday again.

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

What a precious girl! I can tell by looking at you that you would be a great friend for Tori Vaughn! I hope you 2 get to be together someday!
May this year be filled with sweet blessings!