Sunday, February 26, 2006

Aunt Nora Belle

This is not a woman you will read about in Time or Newsweek. Her life was not marked by fame or wealth. She lived a simple life. In a simple place.
She never married and never had her own children. But she was ALWAYS taking care of people. Her brother Carl. People in the church. My Granny.

Granny started having strokes when I was really young. She slowly lost the use of her legs, arms and body. She spent her last years bedfast.

Granny was the anchor of Dad's family. There would be no nursing home for her. No sir. The family couldn't stand that. A hospital bed was purchased and set up in the living room. And Nora Belle, Granny's sister, came over every day to bathe her, change her, clean her house, wash the clothes and cook some meals for Grandpa. Grandpa eventually took over most of those tasks...but he wisely knew to leave some of them for Nora Belle. She WAS coming to help. Might as well leave her a task or she would make something up! :-)

What I remember most about Nora Belle was that when she showed up...we all started laughing. She was funny. And she could make her sister laugh even in the most difficult and humiliating of circumstances. (that's something I respect in a sister.:-))

I also remember that everybody loved her. Everybody I knew anyway.

She was easy to be with. Like an Aunt should be.

If you listen close, you might can hear an etheral giggle fest taking place...Aunt Nora Belle went Home last week...and I'm sure that when she arrived on the scene...the Heavenly Chorus was was filled with more laughter. At least from where Granny was standing...

Won't the reunions of Home be splendid!


Lynn said...

Thanks Cheryl for the post. After I read it the first two times, I couldn't see the screen through the tears. The memorial service was good. I read the obit and did a "family eulogy." Nora Belle was one who spent her life serving others, especially her family. She was like Jesus in that way. Love you! Dad

Cherise said...

What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful lady. I'll never forget the wonderful smell of her house, the wonderful feel of her hug and the joyful sound of her "snicker". We have been blessed with our heritage of Christ-like women. Love you sister!!! Reese