Friday, February 17, 2006 Cheryl

What is it about stacks and lists that eases my burden? Nothing truly gets finished with the stacking and the listing. But somehow...the dividing up of the insurmountable into seemingly manageable units makes me able to sleep better.

Our dining room table is covered with stacks of receipts which will, with a little help from Quicken, become a detailed finance report in the next few days.

My guest bedroom closet has four stacks of drawings, birthday cards and other treasures that will become four sentimental and heart tugging scrapbooks for my children.

The corner of my living room has two picture boxes with pictures in sequential order that will fill the two empty picture albums they are stacked on.

My refrigerator has three lists running right now...
*to do before furlough
* to buy while on furlough
* to buy in Kampala next week

My desk in the school room has four stacks:
Kinley's work
Alex's work
Lesson books for next week
And letters to be answered

In my bedroom, by my glider rocker are three stacks:
magazines I love (Real Simple!)
Bibles, journals and current study book
thank you notes and list of names

To my left, right now, is a list of 5 tasks I MUST get accomplished on the computer before the power clicks off again. (nope. Blogging isn't really on that list. Sigh)

And to be completely honest...just writing this "list" of all my organizing efforts...well, it leaves me with an odd sense of...tranquility and peace.

In truth, it is that whole "intention vs actual behavior" discussion that is worthy of our time. But, not right now. It isn't on my list and I have a foreboding feeling that it would wreck my temporary feeling of accomplishment.

So for the moment, I'll revel in the facade of manageability. With aspiring hope that soon...I can bask in the glory of actual completion.


kristi w said...

I am so with you, Cheryl! Making lists, organizing papers, even sorting the laundry brings me great peace. Chaos around me brings chaos to my spirit. Organization brings calm.

Rusty and Laura said...

Yaaaay! Stackers of the world unite!!! I am one, too, I must confess. -- Laura

Steve Maxwell said...

This Cheryl, is why I have people like my wife, Kristi, Ike, and others that love me to bring the peace of orginization into my life. It just doesn't come natural unless it is my windows media player. If life were a music studio I believe I'd be a little more orginized or at least a little more "peaceful". As for now, Alasha and Jonah are my favorite songs and "God 3 in 1" is my favorite Album.