Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We Laughed

We had a Jeff and Cheryl retreat this week. We got a room overlooking Lake Victoria. (Even with 8 feet of her missing...she was breathtaking.) We read, talked, absorbed the silence, napped, ate....and laughed. A whole lot.

I forget how truly great that feels. To laugh. There are myriad opportunities for laughter in this third world. The steak we ordered that oddly resembled French Toast. The horse statue that made us think....what WERE they thinking?!?!? Indian soap operas. My husband's stories. And, probably my favorite of the chuckling repetoire, the late night--I'm exhausted--EVERYTHING is funny--"my side hurts" laughter.
Ahhhhhh....the satisfaction.

It is healing and replenishing. Invigorating and cleansing.

And, just plain fun.

Sometimes, from surviving the crushing defeats to celebrating the air punching victories--and cruising through all the blissfully regular in between---I forget to embrace the hilarity.

I think its always there. You just have to be watching.

May God bless you, blog friends, with side splitting laughter today.

Chuckle on!

Special thanks to JSC for "observing" some hilarity with me this week. And for providing much as well. I love you.

And MANY MANY WEBALE's to Destiny and Doug--our treasures from California :-). We know God brought you here to proclaim Him...did you know He meant to us? We are so thankful you Calhoon-types are sojourning in Fort Portal. (especially when you offer to wrangle our four rowdies for three days and two nights:-)) Treasures--indeed!


Lori Ann said...

Yea for you! It is always good to take a break from it all with the one you love. I think Ron and I can laugh (make fun of) almost any situation!
Hope you caught your second wind!

Lynn said...

Ah, Cheryl and Jeff. We had one of those, a little more crowded, but hilarity just the same. We went to Edid's wedding in Wimberly. It was the "crew". Hudson's Money's Carolyn Kirby, Linda Armstrong, The Caton's. They all asked about ya'll. Bit of news. Nora Belle passed away Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. She was at Nancy's under hospice care. Funeral is 2:00 p.m. Saturday at First Baptist Church in Hamlin. I'm helping. She's in heaven and I'm thankful. Love you and am laughing with you.

Steve Maxwell said...

Cheryl thanks for the encouragement. I think that is part of the package, if you will, that God blesses us with when we marry and constantly ask Him in to that relationship. I love you and Jeff and the example you are to take time for "the two of you". God bless you and your family.

KMiV said...

Cheryl and Jeff,
Glad you had a good time. You deserve a break!