Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Domino Line

My Grandpa had a card table with dominoes on it, set up ALWAYS. He and his buddies could shuffle, draw their dominoes and, just from looking at their hand and observing the first domino thrown... tell you every domino in the other players hands. Amazing.

When the games had died down and the table was abandoned for a moment, we kids would make the domino line. We'd line the dominoes up strategically to make some interesting shape. Then push the first one over and watch them fall.

It was a tedious process, because if one domino fell unexpectedly, the whole line had to be re-set.

Furlough planning---a missionaries "domino line".

When should we leave? When should we arrive? What is best for us? What is best for our families? When should we speak at churches? Are we going to try to rest? When do we need to be back? How much can we spend? Is this a schedule four kids can hold up to?...And on it goes...

One domino set deliberately and painstackingly in place...accidently toppled...and then starting over again.

It seems that we almost have our line in place now. We are guarding the table carefully so that no domino falls.

The actual ticket purchases are occurring.

We will be "pushing the first domino" late-March. We pray the furlough falls into shape in a great way....


kristi w said...

Dates! Give us dates! We would really like to see if we can get Steve & crew out here when you are. Those are such precious times - when we can have all of us together.

Patty said...

Yeah! We can't wait to see you!

Steve Maxwell said...

I hope to see you either in Oregon or Texas. God bless you and I pray all the domino's continue to fall in line.