Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Do you hear it too? It is the clock (currently sitting at some minutes after midnight). And it quietly, rythymically reminds me...our departure is nearing.

I am really tired. REALLY tired. My pillow is calling me and my brain nudges me to allow it to rest.

I am very thankful, sitting here tonight. First, the lights in our home are bright. Power is on!
Second, my "for better or worse" man paid to have two tanks of water brought to our home...some laundry has been done and everyone has had a warm bath.
And three, almost every essential for our trip has been completed.

God is good and gracious.

Tomorrow is the final day. I'm feeling pretty good about what we've accomplished so far...And I am basking in the realization that a Burger King Whopper is in my very near future!

Now if I could just get all those piles of clean clothes to walk themselves into a suitcase...:-)


Patty said...

May the good Lord give you the energy to do all that needs to be done before you leave, the grace to accept your own limitations, and children who sleep soundly on the long airplane trip.

KMiV said...

We look forward to you all being here. We continue to keep you in prayer on the trip. Also glad that God answered prayer about the water.

Ron Clark