Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Everything is off. (except for my children's energy level--that is very ON and LOUD at the moment)

I've already discussed the power issues we have been facing. And while my ingenious husband continually pulls tricks from his hat to keep some light and power flowing into our home, currently I am typing off power from a car battery and inverter. Our power woes have increased.

We are given less and less power each week. And for the last four days, when the town has had power, our house has not. Just our house. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Our transformer and power line have problems. Fire problems. Which is not only a tad concerning,but apparently, not a high priority for the power company in it's present state. It is time for a new transformer on Njara Lane. Any chance of that happening in my lifetime? I'm not holding my breath.

Except when I walk past the bathroom.

Because our woes do not only include power.

Early last week huge trucks started rolling by our house. The road in front of our home is being paved. (amazing!!!) So the grading and dumping and hauling began. And in the process our water line got cut. It is sticking up in two pieces on the side of the road.

Remarkably, they informed us of this predicament and we began rationing the water in our tank. I was proud that we made it last about 4 days.

Everyday, I woke up and watched for the trucks to roll again to finish the job. But, oddly, the trucks have permanently camped out in the soccer field around the corner. Seems you can't operate huge bulldozing trucks without diesel. And the truck people ran out of money for fuel.

So the water line remains severed and the road unpaved.

The mounds of laundry in our home are almost as overwhelming as the scent from unflushed toilets. (sorry to be so graphic)

Did I mention, also, that in 9 days, I am boarding a plane with my four children and husband to be away for some months.

That at some point we have to pack these soiled garments to take with us. And that without basic necessities like water, primarily, life feels a little off.

It is not the first time we've dealt with such things. And, in the end, we will survive.

But every once in a while, in the process of handling it, I feel the need to be really mad. That has been this morning. Then after the 'mad', I need to laugh. And then--back to handling it.

My dear friend gave me the keys to her house so I can haul the mountain of laundry her way and use her water and power.
And clean clothes or dirty clothes, we WILL board the plane for the Homeland.

Which I am REALLY looking forward to. Family, friends, Blue Bell ice cream and a VERY full Bathtub with HOT water!!!!


Trisha said...

9 days. That could be a long time with no flushing potties. Bless you, friend. May His grace be sufficient...

Patty said...

I love you, Cheryl.

KMiV said...

I know you will be glad to get over to America. We will pray that the water is fixed before you leave.

Congratulations on your "ordination" at Ft. Portal.


Glenn said...

Now you have made me worry. We are on city water, but must use a pump to get it up the hill - what if the pump goes out while Cheryl is here? It hasn't been overhauled for several years. Worry, worry. I can recommend a hotel in Jordan where you should stop. I am usually a shower guy, but the tub in this hotel was nearly 6 feet long and 2 feet deep. Yes I soaked in it until Phyllis worried that I had drowned. Close your eyes and imagine hot water surrounding your ENTIRE body - now feel the relaxationnnnnnnnnnnn. Sorry, I drifted off. Bring all of that dirty stuff home - we can wash and wash (until the pump goes out.).