Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

So, our friend and truck driver, Ali Baba (yep, that's really his name) had mercy on us. He lives around the corner. He shared some water. Enough to fill our tank again.
Praise the Lord!

And, I woke up to trucks rolling in front of my house...

I don't know how long their fuel will last. But at least its a start! (or a continuance as the case may be...)

AND, we were actually able to complete a few loads of laundry, a finance report and a yearly report for the government here.

When Silas ran into our room this morning with the excited announcement "Sump Shruck!!!" (that's "dump truck" for all you non Silas-ese speakers)....I had to smile. First, because the two year old living in our house is just TOO CUTE! But second, isn't tad ironic...that after I hear from several of you that you are praying...those cemented-to-the-soccerfield trucks started moving again.

I know the Creator of the Universe does have a few things to attend to right now...and my water issues really aren't the most pressing issue... yet, He acts on my behalf.

May YOUR day be full of the astonishment of His care...


Lori Ann said...

Hooray for dump trucks!
Hope to visit with you for a bit while you are in Portland. We will be leaving on the day you arrive to visit with my family in Missouri!

amy said...

We have dump trucks, washers, and running water at my house in Houston- so come see us. Would love to see you on furlough. Bring the kids to Houston- we can do the Zoo and go to Galveston and see the ocean.
OK wishful thinking probably but the offer still stands.
Maybe I could make a day trip to Tyler.
Love you friend!