Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flying Solo

May 4,1996.
My sister was getting married. Jeff stayed in Uganda and I flew by myself to Texas to attend the festivities. I remember cross stitching, reading, going to the bathroom alone and actually finishing a tray of food on the international flight.

Fond memories...

Since 1998, flying memories involve babies and toddlers. Diapers. Sippy cups. Snacks. Diversions. Pacifiers. Untouched trays of food. Spilled juice. Lost dolls. Missing pacifiers. Oh so very many tears--some of them the babies'-- and more than one longing glance at fellow passengers who are actually watching the movies provided, sipping beverages and sitting quietly. My deadened arms---the only part of my body that actually fell asleep--numbed under the weight of finally still and quiet little ones.

May 4, 2006.
Ten years later and I will fly alone again. I am traveling solo to the Lectureship at Pepperdine. Jeff is awaiting my arrival there. The kiddos will stay with family here.

I'm actually packing a book in my carry on.

Sodas to be sipped, silence to be embraced,books to be read...

Blissful indulgence!


Cherise said...

WOW!!! I can't believe that tomorrow Wade and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. As I look back over these past ten years I am so amazed by God's precious blessings on our family. Did I ever tell you how much it meant to me to have you stand next to me on my wedding day? I love you and can hardly wait to see you and your precious ones.

Glenn said...

After you left this morning, your two youngest came up, one dressed, the other asking me to help him dress. We ate cereal together - it's still peaceful and quiet - the two older ones had to be awakened - the two younger volunteered with glee and for a moment the peace and quiet was broken, but it returned soon. Everybody dressed and they even helped load the van - everybody is anxious to go to Uncle Mike and Aunt Koni's - still peaceful - can't believe it has been so nice. Aunt Koni says she will fix food for anybody who is hungry. Time for me to go, kids, Grandaddy is teaching a Bible class this morning. All want hugs and kisses. Silas clings to my neck and doesn't want me to go (that kid knows how to grab the heart, also), but he doesn't cry - actually it is still peaceful. Home from class - nobody here but me and a cloudless day. Ahhhhh, sweet peace!!!!!

Trisha said...

Hope you enjoyed the trip, and that the worship and fellowship (and rest???) that you experience this week is sweet! God loves you deeply, my friend!

Rusty and Laura said...

Ah, Cheryl -- this post makes me quite anxious about our first airplane trip with Alex, which will hopefully be this December to visit our families in the States. He will be 9 months old. Actually, now that I think about it, if I can endure 64 hours of labor, I can sure as heck endure a 9 hour plane ride with a 9 month old. Bring on the baby Benadryl!!! Love, Laura