Monday, May 15, 2006

Life on the Island

Perspectives. Preferences. Opinions.

Everybody has them.

Pepsi or Coke?

Hershey's or Cadbury's?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Red or Pink?

Tea or Coffee?

Original or extra crispy?

Mayo or Mustard?

Scrambled or Fried?

and on a more serious note--ahem--

Mac or PC? (the most recent addition to my own "choice repertoire" and a discussion that reveals strong conviction on either side, in case you didn't know. I was previously unaware.)

Some choices merit almost flippant response.

Others require more research, consideration and processing.

But eventually we pick.

And funny enough, we are defined but our selection.

For me...

Coke. Hershey's. Chocolate. Red. Coffee. Original. Mustard. Fried.

And, after much deliberation, Mac.

A wise man (you're welcome) said that buying a Mac would make me an island to myself.

But here are my thoughts on that:

1. Mac's rock!

2. Island living...not really so bad. (especially if you bring a friend!)

So I am the official owner of my very own iBook. MY VERY OWN!!!!

And my dear husband owns a MacBook Pro.

We have indeed passed to the Other Side. And I have to say, out here on the island the views are splendid and there are more folks to keep us company than I expected!



Johnathan M. Thomas said...

Welcome to the Mac world. This is not going to make Jason happy... BTW, I tried to not to be bias.

Let me just say this, computers are computers, they are made by men. Just because it's a mac doesn't mean your worries are over. believe me, I own one G5, 2 G4's and one G3 and I have stories about each of them. I have learned that the spiritual enemies can do some nasty things to macs.

Remember, Jesus SAVES and so should you. Or at least backup. Buy an external hard drive! or get an iPod and use that for back up.

Anyway. I know Allen is there to help, but let me know if there is anything you need and I'll try to help anyway I can.


kristi w said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your new toy! I just want my computer to work when I turn it on and to find the things I want to use when I want to use them. I'll have to say, this year with my MAC has been pretty much stree-free. It has become my little friend whom I love!

Deeapaulitan said...


Hershey's or Cadbury's? How about Lindors!

Chocolate or Vanilla? Neither...cinnamin!

Red or Pink? Both, but I'd rather have something in green tones!


Original or extra crispy? Never! KFC does bad things to low fat chicken...

Mustard, esp stone ground!

Scrambled or Fried? both, as long as the fried has a nice oozy middle that I get to pop and eat with my toast!

And, of course, MAC!

Allan W. said...

John - LOL on the Jesus Saves comment. We had a good laugh on that one.

Cheryl, my sister, welcome to the family. The Mac family, that is. =)

I think it will be a good choice for you long-term. It's good that you're both on the same platform. It's stable, more secure than windows, and generally (for now) free from viruses, ad- and spy-ware. I feel like there are some really fun things happening on the platform.

And, doing things on the just more fun!

I wrote a post on my choice nearly two years ago. Ah, the memories.

It's too bad Apple didn't release this a week earlier. I was hoping they'd do so before you left, happens. I want one now!

Jason Hill said...

Whoa, Johno you can't call me out like that. Cheryl is happily vacationing on mac island with her new mac family--don't bring our junk into this. I gave her my advice before they made a purchase.
Cheryl, I am excited to hear about your new hardware. I can't wait to see all the writing that will come from it.

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

J! you make me Laugh. I really don't want to say it, but, deep down inside... I LOVE IT!

Cheryl, sorry to use your blog to float our agenda. Please forgive me.


Allan W. said...

I know for a fact that Jason has no ill will toward da Macs. I think he just likes to tinker and tweak his own PC rig (which is fun).

I know he'd like to run a few Mac apps, like Aperture.

mommywagner said...

Boys, boys, boys! Can't there be peace between the Mac and "other" computer people? Have you seen the new Mac commercials? So funny! And the new Mac that has the "other" stuff on it. WOW!

Welcome Cheryl- I have my own iBook also and LOVE it. Makes life a little sweeter to not have to wait to get on a computer (4 kids ya know.)

Thanks for your encouragement at Pepperdine. We came home quite refreshed. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

:) shauna