Monday, May 15, 2006

Just Say It...Just in Case

So many times we get it right and we never know. We get so wrapped up in improving ourselves...we forget to high five the victories. Celebrate the sweet moments.

I've been convicted lately of the value of encouragement. But rather than simply pondering the word and its implications...I'm going to try to speak encouragement more.

And I'm going to start right now...

Dear Jennifer and Judy,

Just in case you didn't catch it. Just in case you are doubting it now. God used you at Pepperdine.
I'm sure He uses you all the time. But, understand, He REALLY used you in that class.

Mentoring. Authenticity. Amazing Ladies Bible Class ideas. Prayer.

Yep. You taught all that.

Joy. Encouragement. Admonition.

Check. Check and check.

An ice cold cup of water.


I come back to the States thirsty....yearning for a drink. I long for the companionship of Christian women...sharing the journey with others who seek the Lord.

And sitting in your class...I began to feel the precious water soften my parched throat.

I was blessed, uplifted and so very thankful...

Thankful for how you have both let God work in your lives...(and I don't even know the HALF of it!).
Thankful for your preparation, thought and prayer concerning your presentation.
Thankful for the ladies you represent from Glenwood.
Thankful for the elders who prayed over you and sent you out.
Thankful that "packages for Ugandan missionaries" remains on your Ladies Class project list :-).

Tell the family at Glenwood that you represented them well. And that God touched lives through your message.

They won't be surprised. After all, Brayden WAS praying...

Do you know what else you did?

Opened a window for me...reminded me with a glimpse...of the joy of fellowship that awaits us in East Texas!

I can't wait to see you there...

With much love,

Who has blessed you this week? They may not know...tell them now...just in case.

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Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Cheryl,
I am glad you guys got to go to Pepperdine. That is a refreshing experience that God uses to replenish those thirsty for fellowship and fellowship. God bless you and may you know truely that you and your family are the encoragement that has sent me deeper in love with doing God's ministry. So feel used - feel very used by God, because coming to Uganda is definitely the cool water I need from time to time. Look forward to seeing you in Texas.