Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bless You

I've been reading some meanderings from New Babyville...several of my friends are currently maneuvering through those early months of infant care...and it has spurred many thoughts.

The most predominant of which is..."We need to speak blessings...."

Those first few months of caring for a newborn are...monstrous. Every time. And to be honest...we DO forget. We move on through toddlerhood, potty training and school days and we forget those first early months. Once our turn has passed...we view our friends and their new teeny ones with awe and radiance:
"Babies are sooo cute!!"
"She is so blessed to be able to cuddle with that newborn!"
"These days pass all too quickly!"

And while Mom of New Baby agrees with the blessing of the bundle in her arms... the actual reality of her current circumstance is...the days of caring for infants can seem to drag unendingly...(and a chorus of tired AMENS echo across blogland...)

So, dear sisters...staying at home...nursing in the wee hours of the morning...staring at piles of laundry...wondering where the day went and what exactly you have accomplished...

I am amazed by you and all those who have gone before you. The diapering, nursing, bottles, sleepless nights, hall walking, rocking, tummy soothing, schedule keeping, fever checking, laundry doing folks.

You are amazing. The job you are doing astounds.

And in case you haven't heard it today...Thank you. For doing all you do and for forgiving yourself for all that you can't quite get to today.

You are effecting the loving on that little one. He/she will be better able to cope, thrive and change their world because of the daily care you give them. Even when no one else sees.

Be sure...He sees. And He smiles on you. The tasks that receive no laud or attention...are honored by Him.

His Hands applaud you mightily.

...He does also see our mistakes. But don't fear. He has gentleness for you. (Sigh)

In a world full of unbelievable expectations and demands...Your Father offers His gentleness.

Accept it and rest in it...when you are exhausted...and past your limits...

Know that He waits to draw you rest. He knows you need it. You are His child. Forever and for always.

So prayer... I bless you with laughter to get you through those moments no one should realistically be able to get through...
I bless you with a it ever so short or blissfully it your own or that two year old adjust ing to a new baby in the house
I bless you with satisfaction in a truly difficult and strenuous job
I bless you with your spirit as you hold that little miracle.

Blessings upon blessings friends....I am proud of you!


Jim Coffey said...

And bless the person who invented the wind up baby swing. We couldn't afford a battery operated one, but the wind up swing would let me grab a nap in 10 minute increments.

Jason Hill said...

Cheryl, just reading that touched me. I'll echo it from this side of the world, bless you moms!

Trisha said...

Thanks, friend! I needed that. I find myself checking your blog and others for a momentary connection to the outside world. This time is so unique and precious, but so exhausting too! Thanks for remembering.

Kim Hodges said...

Thank you! I'm typing on-handed while I nurse Kalleigh in the other arm!

You're right, though--this precious time goes by so quickly!

kristi w said...

Fiona says: "Thank you for blessing my mommy, Aunt Cheryl!"

You gave me advice a child or two ago, which comes up often in our house. You said to feel good about accomplishing even one thing each day. A child's bath, a grocery run, one load of laundry - any one thing done means the day was a success! Just last night Allan came in and declared, "You did five times more than can be expected of a new mom!" as he noticed dinner made, kitchen cleaned, kids bathed, and a few other tasks accomplished.

Thanks for all the encouragment and support through the years.

Lori Ann said...

as a mom to a teen and to two little ones, i realize how fast time goes by. when i start to hurry things along in my mind all i have to do is look at nate and wonder where it went.
we have definately enjoyed our second time around. we feel blessed by it.

Aimee Jo said...

I agree--YAY for MOMS!! I've always said (well, when I got to the point in my life that I realized) that they have the hardest job of anyone.

Glenn said...

As a dad and granddad I want to say thank you to my wife who if ever there was a supermom was [is] it, and to the Moms of my grandchildren who are all doing a fantastic job in the face of pressing responsibilities.

My heart goes out to those moms who married jerks that don't care, or worse who are so selfish that they walked off of the job as a husband and parent. I don't know whether it is worse, but I really feel for the kids who don't have moms [or dads] that care enough to put away the smokes or other body poisons, and who basically let their kids raise themselves or turn the job over to others who may not care either.

Good parents many times do not think that they are very good. We have all thought "is it worth it?" when we feel all of the tiredness and what seems to be unpleasantness to the point of pain. It is hard to see when you are in the middle of it, but yes, it is worth it and it shows big time later on.

A very special "thank you" to the moms who take time when exhaustion is about to explode your head to read to your children about Jesus and his Father - to pause long enough to say a prayer with them and also when you are alone - to kiss them goodnight and then hang around long enough to give them security and an image of parental goodness which can be translated to their Heavenly parent.

Dina said...

AMEN!!! I agree, and thank YOU for thinking of all the others!!! I remember staying @ home and my husband appreciates me, but certainly not with the grace you spoke of...and let me tell you, IT IS SOOO NICE TO KNOW that you ARE making a difference in their little lifes!!

Thank you!

Dawnette said...

"His Hands applaud you mightily."

May He bless you today the way those words blessed my marriage, children and myself.

Thank you for allowing the Spirit to speak through you. You are an amazing gift from our Faher.

Chezam said...

I've never seen your blog before, and don't blog usually... but as I awkwardly nurse my five week old baby in my left arm, and my toddler naps in her bed, a friend emailed me with a link to this post you've written, and I'm so glad I stole a moment to read it. you are right--we forget somehow that caring for a newborn is trecherous at times!

Thanks for your blessing you've offered for me... and thanks Priscilla for leading me to read it today.


Kristen said...

You are so wonderful! I just finished nursing my daytime colicky baby, my 2 year old is running around throwing toys, and I'm watching another two year old all day. I'm stealing a moment to read this and I'm so glad I did. Thanks!!