Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Radiators...Fish Eyes...and the Internet

Hitting the Highlights:

3. Our internet quit last week just as our power became more reliable...bummer. But as we returned from our Game Park excursion today...we found the interent working well again.
I have just spent some delightful hours perusing blogs...and now have a brain full of thoughts to mull over and enjoy.

2.Fish eyes...our dear four year old...amazed,astounded and somewhat disgusted our visiting companions by eating the fish eyes out of Jeff's lunch today. Isaac's analysis, "Yummy!....But now they can't ever SEE anything again!"

1. Radiators...The one on our Hilux pickup died today. Unfortunately, well before we reached our gate. Jeff and Billy waited with the vehicle on the side of a dirt road...(and by waiting I mean...pulled the broken radiator--way to go boys!) while Ronald scurried about Ft Portal gathering mechanics, tools and a working radiator. Ronald managed to rent...(read: talk one of his friends with a matching Hilux to pull his properly functioning radiator from his properly functioning car and RENT it to us for one day) a radiator and rushed it with our mechanic to Jeff and Billy who watched as our mechanic tied in the radiator with Sisal rope :-)

It worked. Remarkably. And everyone is now home. .J and B are tired...Brenda and I are too (at one point I think we had decided fixing the radiator would have been the sweeter deal...we ended up driving home with all the kids in one car...)
The scrambled eggs,waffles and smoothies have been consumed...the kids are finally quiet and our pillows are calling us.

The rented radiator...to be returned tomorrow.



kristi said...

I love hearing about the adventures. Thanks for keeping us updated on our dear friends Billy and Brenda. Let them know they are loved and missed and prayed for here

Aimee Jo said...

WOW! What a day! I'll be sure to ask someone if we can "rent" a car part of theirs for the day, the next time our car breaks down. HA! That's funny...but I'm glad that it got the boys home!
And Isaac eating the eye--OH SICK! Poor little fish!!
Love you guys and wish we were there with you!!