Monday, October 09, 2006

I Married Courage

We met by mistake. A guy he had just met...mistook me for another girl. And in the embarrassing moment that followed...Jeff Cash entered my world for the first time.

We talked for 30 minutes tops. And then we walked away. This is what I thought:

1. That guy LOVES Africa.

2. I'm not interested in dating him.

3. He has a very unique faith.

4. He has guts.

Well. It is now 14 years later. I've been Mrs. Cash for 13 of those years. Somewhere along the way...I changed my mind about #2. But all the other first impressions still stand.

When you live with someone for begin to see all that they aren't and all that they are.

And one thing my husband Courage.

I have never met anyone that can rival the guts that exist in this man. Trips to the Congo, ferry flights across continents, relief work in the rebel crisis, walking away from salary, walking up to strangers and talking about his God, challenging crowds and mobs,standing by his dreams and convictions even when the outcomes seem bleak ...His courage has and continues to... significantly rock my world.

I sit where I sit tonight...serve where I serve today...know and experience the nation around me....

Because Jeff didn't fear. Or quit. Its just not in him to do so.

Happy Birthday Fearless One.

Just what does God have in store for you next?


kristi w said...

All true. And he's a smart one, too, which is good when one has boundless courage. Which takes more courage - to be taking on all of those challenges and obstacles personally or to be a supportive wife to the one who does? You've got your own supply of courage as well, Cheryl.

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Trisha said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff! You are a hero to my faith!

Cheryl, I love your tribute to your husband. He is a mighty man of God. It reminds me of a book I read called "I Married Adventure" by Luci Swindoll. Thinking it would resonate with my own life, I picked it up at the bookstore and began reading it with great anticipation. I was hoping to learn how to bless my husband, who is himself an adventurer. I was surprised to learn that Luci isn't Chuck's wife but his sister, and she's not married at all. Oh well. You should write the book, Cheryl Cash!

Lynn said...

Your husband's courage has made more of a prayer warrior out of me. He is the father of 4 of the cutest, sweetest, (1 "two-est"):-)grandchildren in the whole world. I loved the tribute and have posted my HB wishes to Jeff on the Money Family blog.

Jim Coffey said...

Jeff's courage is apparently well known. Several years ago a lady named Sandi Piek spent some time in my house while she was home on furlough. She said that everyone in Africa knew of Jeff Cash because he was a totally fearless (crazy white man were the actual words) man who didn't let little things like guns, wars, mobs, gangs, surly youths, nor battlefied lines slow him down from delivering medical supplies or whatever else God told him to do that day. My hat's off to both of you. Mega prayers for your family and thanks to YHWH Sabaoth who is kept very busy protecting ya'll from harm.

Cherise said...

Mojo 48 Lee 14
It was beautiful...
Just thought you would like to know.
Love you