Sunday, October 01, 2006

Let the Games Begin

Saturday morning Kinley ran into our bedroom to announce that "there is water EVERYWHERE in the kitchen!" Now in Kinley language that could mean "spilled on the table". I didn't feel very concerned. Just irritated that the first thing I would do for the morning would be mop up a spill.

As I staggered, bleary eyed into the kitchen I discovered that "everywhere" in fact meant "EVERYWHERE!"

Seems our industrious two year old plugged up both sinks, turned on the water and skidaddled...for quite awhile. There was one inch of water covering the entire kitchen floor and one drawer (the one nearest the sinks) was FULL of water.

Lake Silas was not to be constrained to the kitchen, however. A tributary found its way to Daddy's lovely little stream running through every briefcase, backpack and stack of papers to the....power strip, transformer and electrical wires. All plugged in. Oh. My. Goodness.

I LOVE to wake up and panic. It really gets those juices flowing.

I gingerly unplugged and mopped...salvaged and dried.

With many little moppers on hand...we had the kitchen dried after about an hour. An hour.


Apparently this was only the beginning. Since the Kitchen Flood, Silas has been keeping busy. He has dumped and trailed a box of Rice Krispies from the kitchen cabinet to the floor of the living room, poured a full pitcher of lemonade on the table and filled several cups with juice and restacked them into the cupboard (only discovered when a trail of ants led the way). He has gorged on Tootsie Rolls (3 or 4 in his mouth at once)...dropped almost every AA battery we had BEHIND the freezer, and harrassed his siblings mercilessly. This morning during Bible class I discovered the smiles and giggles were not results of my delightful story telling...but instead were directed at Silas...emptying the diaper bag out behind me, throwing each item into the air.

Don't even get me started on naps and bedtimes.

It seems we are passing through another that demands Mom's keenest wit and sharpest thought.( Any idea where I could pick those up? I've misplaced what used to be mine...)

We are working our way through the discipline genre...timeouts, priveleges taken away, toys taken away and even swats. Nothing is getting his attention though...

So I resort to the ever satisfying...never effective method of...

Shouting his name...


My wits may have gone the way of my pre-pregnancy jeans...but I will never lose the Motherly gift of double naming my children...

For some grabs at least one moment of attention...and at this point in the game...I'll take whatever I can get.


kristi w said...

I love that boy - what a riot!

Sherilyn said...

"CHERYL LYNNE!!!" "1..2..3..." "Go to your room right now!"
Oh, the memories! Seems just like yesterday. Just love him, discipline him, and enjoy him. This too shall pass. Promise!
He is just too cute! Just think of all the chapters he's filling in your book!

Lori Ann said...

i feel your pain...on thursday a 300 oz. container of laundry detergent mysteriously fell off of my dryer and spilled all of the contents all over the laundry room floor, to say that my floor is clean is an understatement!
no group has yet claimed to be responsible for this atrosity, but i have my suspicions.
we can lament together...

Jim Coffey said...

Two names is urgent, but when Mom is really upset she uses all three of my names ...

"James Norrice Coffey" get over here right this minute before I knock you into the middle of next week !!!

p.s. Some sensitive and enlightened people may take offense at the phrase "knock you" and worry about the effect of the rod on a delicate young child.

All I can say is ... You people are what's wrong with our formerly great country.

p.s.s. I borrowed this from a Dave Ramsey tape I listened to this morning.

laura bull said...

I found your blog through my sister Emily who just spent the last year serving at PUMP in Portland OR with some friends of yours, and can i just say that i have so loved reading your blog! my husband and i along with our one year old are serving as missionaries in Bolivia and i am currently home visiting family and friends with our little one. i so identified with your furlough posts, and was encouraged so much as a mom, wife and missionary by your blog as a whole. so just know that from across the miles... continents, God is using your words, your life lessons, and your joy to encourage a fellow sister in Christ. God bless you and your family!

Aimee Jo said...

Have you tried sitting on him? I really think my mom considered that a couple of times with my brother. :)

Kristen said...

Hi! I found your blog by way of many other blogs - but I have a two year old as well and I can echo all of your frustration :) He sounds just adorable!

Kristen (Grile) Chapman
(Steve's neice :) )

Kim Hodges said...

Oh Cheryl. Doesn't God have a sense of humor? Thanks for sharing your stories so that, if for no other reason, the rest of us with toddlers can feel a little better knowing that we're normal. :)