Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Warm and Cozy

It’s THAT time of year again!!!! I broke out the d├ęcor yesterday and it looks lovely. Fall. I know it is happening in yonder parts. And it warms my heart like a hot mug of apple cider warms the body.

I love this time of year in the US. The sweaters, the boots, the jackets. Football games, stew and cornbread, holidays.

We miss all that here. Outside, it is equator warm. Eighty degrees or so. There are no changing leaves. No American football. And turkeys are weird animals no one would dream of eating.

But inside these walls, there are fall leaves sprinkled on our tables, a cornucopia on the buffet and pumpkins (fake ones) adorning shelves, nooks and crannies. You could even watch a football game--all-be-it a video from 1989!

We, the Missionary Family, have feet planted here, minds remembering there. No matter where we are. A part of us will always be somewhere else too.

It’s not a burden. It’s a blessing. A life rich with diversity and new ideas. New experiences. Old traditions. All interweaving into an existence more unique than I ever dreamed.

Happy Fall! May it bring you many warm and delightful memories wherever you are!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sweet Moments

I was laying in bed this morning trying to decide how long I could linger under my cozy blankets, when I heard the pattering of footsteps and giggly whispers outside my door.

In marched my young ones with a tray of breakfast for Mom.

Warm baked oatmeal, hot cinnamon milk and a glass of juice. Served on a fish tray.

The food was delicious. The juice was delightful. The presentation was priceless.

My cup truly overflows.

Back on Track

Comments are up and running on my side! Many thanks Nameless Blogger Engineers!

And as to my blogging faux paus. I used the word "missionary" in a comment. (My ONE moment of rebellious offense...the word "missionary.") It is a sensitive word in some parts of the globe. I was commenting to a person who lives in such parts.
I thought I used it in reference to myself...but I can't remember. Anyway...OOPS! The comment has been deleted, so I think all is well in my corner of Blogworld again.

Hope all is well in yours....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

No Comment

Comments and I aren't tracking today.

I've been trying to read your responses to my blogs...and an error page emerges instead of your smiling faces and words of wit and wisdom.

Apparently my blog has a "comment issue" that unnamed "blogger engineers" are working to resolve.


All happening on the day I received my first comment reprimand. It was kind. But, it seems, I wrote offensive material in a comment on someone's blog...

Well....you KNOW how I can be....:-)

I think, for now, I will go and soothe my comment woes with an icy coke from my freezer.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bless You

I've been reading some meanderings from New Babyville...several of my friends are currently maneuvering through those early months of infant care...and it has spurred many thoughts.

The most predominant of which is..."We need to speak blessings...."

Those first few months of caring for a newborn are...monstrous. Every time. And to be honest...we DO forget. We move on through toddlerhood, potty training and school days and we forget those first early months. Once our turn has passed...we view our friends and their new teeny ones with awe and radiance:
"Babies are sooo cute!!"
"She is so blessed to be able to cuddle with that newborn!"
"These days pass all too quickly!"

And while Mom of New Baby agrees with the blessing of the bundle in her arms... the actual reality of her current circumstance is...the days of caring for infants can seem to drag unendingly...(and a chorus of tired AMENS echo across blogland...)

So, dear sisters...staying at home...nursing in the wee hours of the morning...staring at piles of laundry...wondering where the day went and what exactly you have accomplished...

I am amazed by you and all those who have gone before you. The diapering, nursing, bottles, sleepless nights, hall walking, rocking, tummy soothing, schedule keeping, fever checking, laundry doing folks.

You are amazing. The job you are doing astounds.

And in case you haven't heard it today...Thank you. For doing all you do and for forgiving yourself for all that you can't quite get to today.

You are effecting the world...by loving on that little one. He/she will be better able to cope, thrive and change their world because of the daily care you give them. Even when no one else sees.

Be sure...He sees. And He smiles on you. The tasks that receive no laud or attention...are honored by Him.

His Hands applaud you mightily.

...He does also see our mistakes. But don't fear. He has gentleness for you. (Sigh)

In a world full of unbelievable expectations and demands...Your Father offers His gentleness.

Accept it and rest in it...when you are exhausted...and past your limits...

Know that He waits to draw you in...to rest. He knows you need it. You are His child. Forever and for always.

So today...in prayer... I bless you with laughter to get you through those moments no one should realistically be able to get through...
I bless you with a nap...be it ever so short or blissfully long...be it your own or that two year old adjust ing to a new baby in the house
I bless you with satisfaction in a truly difficult and strenuous job
I bless you with rest...in your spirit as you hold that little miracle.

Blessings upon blessings friends....I am proud of you!

Missing Peace

I've been struggling with worry the last few days. There is an issue I just haven't been able to let go of.

Funny thing about worry...it makes you lose your mind. No solutions. Just a fire hydrant spray of problems.

Here's what I've just been challenged with:

"He will keep in perfect peace
He whose mind is steadfast
Because his trust is in you." Isaiah 26:3

I long for perfect peace.
But forget to keep my mind steadfast...
Where is my trust?

I have to be proactive...in this battle of the mind.

And set it somewhere sure. Trustworthy. Right.

Then I'll always know where to find it.

"Since then you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." Colossians 3: 1-2

Help me, Father to set my mind (and heart) with You. Every morning. Every night. And all those hours in between. I've practiced another way. And need to change that habit. Forgive me for not obeying your command to not worry and to cast my cares on You. Thank you for being willing and so very Able to carry all that rattles unnecessarily in my brain. Thank you for showing me a better way.
I need you Lord. Every day. All the time.
In Jesus I pray...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Radiators...Fish Eyes...and the Internet

Hitting the Highlights:

3. Our internet quit last week just as our power became more reliable...bummer. But as we returned from our Game Park excursion today...we found the interent working well again.
I have just spent some delightful hours perusing blogs...and now have a brain full of thoughts to mull over and enjoy.

2.Fish eyes...our dear four year old...amazed,astounded and somewhat disgusted our visiting companions by eating the fish eyes out of Jeff's lunch today. Isaac's analysis, "Yummy!....But now they can't ever SEE anything again!"

1. Radiators...The one on our Hilux pickup died today. Unfortunately, well before we reached our gate. Jeff and Billy waited with the vehicle on the side of a dirt road...(and by waiting I mean...pulled the broken radiator--way to go boys!) while Ronald scurried about Ft Portal gathering mechanics, tools and a working radiator. Ronald managed to rent...(read: talk one of his friends with a matching Hilux to pull his properly functioning radiator from his properly functioning car and RENT it to us for one day) a radiator and rushed it with our mechanic to Jeff and Billy who watched as our mechanic tied in the radiator with Sisal rope :-)

It worked. Remarkably. And everyone is now home. .J and B are tired...Brenda and I are too (at one point I think we had decided fixing the radiator would have been the sweeter deal...we ended up driving home with all the kids in one car...)
The scrambled eggs,waffles and smoothies have been consumed...the kids are finally quiet and our pillows are calling us.

The rented radiator...to be returned tomorrow.


Monday, October 09, 2006

I Married Courage

We met by mistake. A guy he had just met...mistook me for another girl. And in the embarrassing moment that followed...Jeff Cash entered my world for the first time.

We talked for 30 minutes tops. And then we walked away. This is what I thought:

1. That guy LOVES Africa.

2. I'm not interested in dating him.

3. He has a very unique faith.

4. He has guts.

Well. It is now 14 years later. I've been Mrs. Cash for 13 of those years. Somewhere along the way...I changed my mind about #2. But all the other first impressions still stand.

When you live with someone for awhile...you begin to see all that they aren't and all that they are.

And one thing my husband is...is Courage.

I have never met anyone that can rival the guts that exist in this man. Trips to the Congo, ferry flights across continents, relief work in the rebel crisis, walking away from salary, walking up to strangers and talking about his God, challenging crowds and mobs,standing by his dreams and convictions even when the outcomes seem bleak ...His courage has and continues to... significantly rock my world.

I sit where I sit tonight...serve where I serve today...know and experience the nation around me....

Because Jeff didn't fear. Or quit. Its just not in him to do so.

Happy Birthday Fearless One.

Just what does God have in store for you next?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Name Them One By One...

Milano Cookies.

A trunk full of easy American meals.

Jacob's cute-isms (Kobe! Kobe!)

A working generator.

Safe travels all around.

Hannah's story in 1 Samuel.

The word "benign".

A "flood-less" week. :-)

Anticipating a long Birthday chat with my sister. (Happy Birthday Reeser!)

I'm filled with thanks for these...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Let the Games Begin

Saturday morning Kinley ran into our bedroom to announce that "there is water EVERYWHERE in the kitchen!" Now in Kinley language that could mean "spilled on the table". I didn't feel very concerned. Just irritated that the first thing I would do for the morning would be mop up a spill.

As I staggered, bleary eyed into the kitchen I discovered that "everywhere" in fact meant "EVERYWHERE!"

Seems our industrious two year old plugged up both sinks, turned on the water and skidaddled...for quite awhile. There was one inch of water covering the entire kitchen floor and one drawer (the one nearest the sinks) was FULL of water.

Lake Silas was not to be constrained to the kitchen, however. A tributary found its way to Daddy's office....one lovely little stream running through every briefcase, backpack and stack of papers to the....power strip, transformer and electrical wires. All plugged in. Oh. My. Goodness.

I LOVE to wake up and panic. It really gets those juices flowing.

I gingerly unplugged and mopped...salvaged and dried.

With many little moppers on hand...we had the kitchen dried after about an hour. An hour.


Apparently this was only the beginning. Since the Kitchen Flood, Silas has been keeping busy. He has dumped and trailed a box of Rice Krispies from the kitchen cabinet to the floor of the living room, poured a full pitcher of lemonade on the table and filled several cups with juice and restacked them into the cupboard (only discovered when a trail of ants led the way). He has gorged on Tootsie Rolls (3 or 4 in his mouth at once)...dropped almost every AA battery we had BEHIND the freezer, and harrassed his siblings mercilessly. This morning during Bible class I discovered the smiles and giggles were not results of my delightful story telling...but instead were directed at Silas...emptying the diaper bag out behind me, throwing each item into the air.

Don't even get me started on naps and bedtimes.

It seems we are passing through another phase...one that demands Mom's keenest wit and sharpest thought.( Any idea where I could pick those up? I've misplaced what used to be mine...)

We are working our way through the discipline genre...timeouts, priveleges taken away, toys taken away and even swats. Nothing is getting his attention though...

So I resort to the ever satisfying...never effective method of...

Shouting his name...


My wits may have gone the way of my pre-pregnancy jeans...but I will never lose the Motherly gift of double naming my children...

For some reason...it grabs at least one moment of attention...and at this point in the game...I'll take whatever I can get.