Monday, March 03, 2008

The Decorating of the Cookies

Christmas isn't official for me without iced sugar cookies. I still use Mamma's recipe and every moment of the mixing, rolling, cutting and eating is filled with memories of her hands, her voice and her time spent with me in her kitchen.

This year we decorated with the help and company of Jotham and Anaiah.

Jotham and Silas were more interested in tasting than creating.

This is an annual tradition around our home. I have a picture of Kinley every year of her life decorating cookies at Christmas.



Brian said...

Where did 'little girl' Kinley go, and who is the young woman in this picture?!
Slow down, you're growing too fast, Kinley!
From Kristin

Procters said...

I only made it to the name "Mamma" before I was crying. I miss her cookies and smiles.