Thursday, March 06, 2008


I’ve shared before how shocked and dismayed I was when baby number four was discovered in my womb. I was a little incredulous that I would have FOUR children. I wasn’t sure I was up for that.

(For the record, I still wonder sometimes...:-))

But I digress. Four is the magic number this year for baby #4.

Silas enjoyed his first honorary Birthday Breakfast outing with Mom and Dad this year.

It feels like yesterday that we started this tradition with Kinley. And now we are to Silas. He was very proud and elated to be alone with us. He loaded his plate with everything offered, but only managed two bites of toast. He was too excited and busy to eat. This is the story of our Silas’ life. Excited and busy.

Silas loves to run. I am happy about this, because it is a very constructive way to release the barrels of energy stored inside his four year old frame. He told me several days ago, that, “someday, when I am big I will be in a big race and I will run faster dan everybody else and pass ‘em and win de race! Dat will be so great, Mom!” Oh yes it will. Just ask your Dad.

His other obsession of late, is his children. Yes, you heard me correctly. Any time we pray as a family or at church and we ask Silas what he wants to pray about, he says, “My children.” Our Ugandan friends don’t quite know how to take this.

Silas’ children live in Kampala. They have a house, a helicopter, two airplanes and on occasion, live among purple, yellow and green zebras , unicorns and other exotic creatures. He prays for them when they are sick. He plans for when we will all see them. He creates stories about their existence daily.

I pray for them regularly. Because, when I feel him cuddle against me at nap time as we read Take Me to the Zoo for the thousandth time, I realize…his dream of children will all too soon be a reality. Just look at where I am sitting. Prayers are the greatest covering for such a dream. If we can instill that in him now, he and those precious children just might have a chance. More than that…a Lord.

But,well before the “children-dream” becomes a reality, we have set our sites on a fantastic fourth year!

I am positive, it will NOT be boring!

What a gift he is to us!


Lynn said...

Silas, happy birthday. I'm glad the box finally arrived. We are soooo looking forward to time with you, where we can cuddle and listen to your stories about "your children."
Nana and Papa

Campbell Family said...

I remember being in Ft. Portal when you were pregnant with Silas and so, so sick. :( I can't believe he is now four years old! Time really flies...

Alexander Supertramp said...

Happy 4th Silas boy! I miss you greatly!

Lori Ann said...

Happy Birthday Silas! May you have a wonderful 4th year of a great life!

Matt Tibbles said...

Happy Birthday Silas! I was blessed to be able share parts of your third year with you. May God continue to let your spirit run free.

Glenn said...

Silas, has it really been 4 years since your Mom left your Grammy and me with your sister and brothers and "went to town to get you?" She was only gone a short while - then they came home with you - just like going to the store for a little while. Everybody was so excited to see you. [Cheryl, I still find it hard to believe that you were back so soon. What was it 3 hours?] Then a few days later we had dinner with the US Ambassador, then we flew to Ft. Portal in a small plane when you were only about a week old. What a start in life!! I guess you haven't slowed down since.
We love you, Grammy and Granddaddy

Procters said...

Happy Birthday, Silas Ryan!!!! We are not so patiently awaiting your arrival here in the states. You and your siblings are mentioned EVERYDAY at our house. We love you, big guy!
Uncle Wade, Aunt Reese, Bryson and Cason