Monday, March 03, 2008

Faith Quest

When we began the preparation stage for this year’s Faith Building experience, I wondered if we would have the stamina to pull through. It’s been a tough few months for us. We are weary and tired to our bones.

But, alas. Faith Quest came. It went on. And…it was sensational.

God was there. So, of course, things happened. Fifteen precious ones put on Christ in baptism!

The youth listened, praised, shared and grew.

For several years now, I have been in throes of it all. Sensing it. Feeling it. Experiencing it.

This year, I was more in the Faith of it all.

Believing. Hoping and Trusting that He would do all He has promised whether I’m up to the tasks or not.

We gave it all we had…and He managed to redeem that for His glory.

He is good like that.

Many thanks to the Faith Quest Team who are blogging some of their thoughts and pictures here and here and here (sorry MT…I may have just upped your blog traffic!)

Many thanks to the missionaries in Uganda who support this effort.

And many thanks to the wonderful youth who came, laid down burdens and fell deeper in love with our Lord. May you never outlive your love for Him. He is All.


Alexander Supertramp said...

man I miss you guys so! Not a day goes by we aren't praying for all of you! Much love-

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was a blessed time, Cheryl. I can totally relate to the amazement and praise of God doing so much when I have had strength only to ask Him to come through in spite of my exhaustion. The only time I've met Jeff was at Faith Quest, but in Oregon, over 15 years ago! He had a great passion for the people of Uganda then and I rejoice that God is doing so much through your family in Uganda still. Blessings on you!