Thursday, March 20, 2008

These Ten Things

Today, I ask my Father for these ten things for you, Kinley.

1. A passionate love for Jesus that will never be quenched or quieted.
2. A relationship with Jehovah God that you will never outlive.
3. A confident consuming of his Holy Spirit accompanied by all the gifts His Spirit provides.
4. Sister friends to giggle with, dream with and trust in.
5. Endurance to work through the deepest struggles life will take you through.
6. Resilience and strength to "get back up again".
7. Laughter!
8. Wise mentors in the faith.
9. Best friend relationships with each of your brothers.
10. The confidence that in your Mom and Dad, you will always find an open door to communicate, find affirmation and trust.

And oh so much more, dear one.

My hopes for your life and your heart soar with my love for you.

Your ability to connect with people...your joy of knowing others...your delight in exressing your self artisitcally...your willingness to help...your unbelievable cinammon coffee cake...the smiles, the hugs, the laugh...

All fill our life with His beauty. His beauty in you.

I cannot believe it has been 10 years already. I am overwhelmingly thankful for each and every one.

Here's to more, beautiful girl. Here's to more...


Lynn said...

10 years! Double figures. Amen to every one of the ten things and more! I love you sweet girl. It was good talking to you on your birthday. You are so grown up. I can't wait to hug you this summer.

Sherilyn said...

Kinley, you are so special to me. You have a beautiful heart and spirit. And as "icing on the cake" you are beautiful on the outside, too. I miss you so much. We are going to have sooooooo much fun this summer! It was fun talking to you on your birthday. See you soon. I love you.

Lori Ann said...

Happy Birthday Kinley. Wow, 10 is a special birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Kinley, Cheryl! May everything you hope and pray for her become a reality in her life! She sounds like such a special young lady! I hope she and my Hannah can be friends one day!

Procters said...

Happy Birthday, precious Kinley! We love you! Aunt Reese

Ben said...

Double digit diva! Way to go Kinley--surviving your dad for 10 years--ha,ha! Can't wait to see you in West Texas. bdub

Cheri said...

[long time reader, first time to comment]

*iii* Happy Birthday *iii*

I loved this post. My oldest son turns 10 in September.

phyllis said...

Dear Kinley,
You are such a special girl, not only to God, your Mom and Dad,and to us as well. We hope you had a great 10th birthday party and enjoyed the knitting kit we sent. We can hardly wait for this summer when you are here. We love you bunches!

Alexander Supertramp said...

happy b-day Kin!!!!
I LOVE the hair!

Destiny said...

Dearest Kinley!
Happy Birthday girly! Have been thinking of you often as I knew you were celebrating your big TEN! We really missed being there to celebrate with you. Know that we love and miss you bunches! And I love your new hair cut! Can't wait to see it in person! Love,
Destiny (For Doug & Jotham too)

Barbara said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You are one very special young lady--what a blessing you are to your family and to all who know you!

I recognized the blue dress--it looks great on you!