Saturday, August 19, 2006

Check Us Out....

Starbucks. Dairy Queen in Tyler. McAllisters. Most Hotel Chains. Airports.

AND......DRUMROLL please......

The Cash House in Fort Portal!


I can't believe it but we are.

Jeff worked very hard to set it up and here I sit. In MY chair. In MY bedroom. In the middle of nowhere Africa. With a wireless connection.

Astounding. It truly is.

Of course it will all be contingent on power supply and the dial up connection we are connected through.

But those details will occupy our minds on another day.

For now we will bask in the thrill of working technology.

It is grand.


Trisha said...

Very impressive, friend! You have a very smart and resourceful husband. What a wonderful team you are...

KMiV said...

Congratulations. You all have arrived!


Aimee Jo said...

That's exciting!! I'm happy for you. Now you can tell us about the moldy shoes, rats, and dust anytime you want!!