Saturday, August 05, 2006

One Last Time...

We are one hour from our departure to the airport. Today has been our "one last time" day.

We had a bout 3 hours this afternoon and a delightful chauffeur. (Yeah Blake!!!)

Guess where we headed?


and Taco Bell.

But of course.

Visiting Target was rather emotional for me :-) but we made it through.

With a huge cart full of goodies.

I have now stuffed and packed one last time.

Walked the hallowed aisles of my beloved store one last time.

Eaten Nachos Bel Grande one last time.

Driven on organized paved roads one last time.

And now the only thing left--Starbucks, one last time.

Many, many thanks to Blake P. for graciously being available to us. He made our joy today possible!

Farewell blog friends from this side of the pond. Will connect again when we reach Uganda.


Dawnette said...

Praying for safe travels. Looking forward to reading about your homecoming!

In His joy,

Aimee Jo said...

I'm so glad that we had a chance to spend time with you, both in Portland and in Texas. I love you so much!

KMiV said...

We have been seeing Super Targets here in Tulsa and Dallas. Now that is awesome. Hope your trip goes well.

Ike Graul said...

praying for you. Give our greetings to the brothers and sisters in Fort Portal. When you get home, please bother Ronald about starting a blog; he just doesn't know how much he needs one.