Wednesday, August 23, 2006


"Brilliantly and excitingly clever or skillful;"

It is dinner time. Mom has the day's finish line in her sights. Soapy, wet kids are at various stages of the prep for bed ritual. Voices, speaking all at once...shout through the house....then congregate at the table...

Mom: "Dinner's ready!"

"I'm still in the bath!"
"Silas keeps taking my pajamas-"
"I'm getting my clothes on..."

Mom:"Come to the table!"



"sit down Silas"
"I want apple juice!"
"Mom, I don't really like chicken."
"Oh yeah...I forgot...Thanks Mom for the chicken."
"Can we have coke?"
"How about Sprite?"
"where's my appah joos?"
"I don't like 'chini"
"It's zuchini."
"Yeah. Dat. I don't like it."

Mom: "who wants to pray?"
Silas: "MEEEEEEE!!!!"

"sear God...tank oo food...tank oo fwogs...Mom, Dad. Kinney. Ahex.Isaac. (pause) AAAAAMMMMEEENNNN!!!!"

"You get me cake!"
"sit down."
"how many chairs are in this room?"
"More than 2."
(Silas singing) "Haaappyyy Birthday dear bwow da canduls!"
"Kinley has more"
"who can finish first?
"what's the third one Mom?"
"Isaac's bronze."
"I WANT to be gold."
"Kinley's gold...she was first."
"you are bronze."
"Bronze is good Isaac."
"my hand is sticky."
"done, Mom"
"can I be excused."
"can I have chocolate?"
"do we HAVE to take medicine tonight?"
"Chocolate? Mom?"
'This chicken is good!"
"Why can't we have chocolate?"
"Silas, sit down."
'Done MOMMM!!!!"
"Thanks Mom"
"You are the best cooker ever!"

What did you talk about at dinner last night?


kristi w said...

With half the number of talking kids, the conversation sounds familiar enough, but without as many voices! :-)

Very cute (from this far away!)

Lynn said...

I love reading about the
"everydays". It has not been that long since the 2 little voices firmly planted in the conversation was happening at our table, so I can "hear" the voices from here. And how come they couldn't have CHOCOLATE???!!!!

Patty said...

We went to a lovely potluck at the Shaffers'-- talked about kids and missions and Guatemala. Dennie and Carrie Martin shared about their work there and the kids sat in rapt attention looking at pictures of the people of that country. Was it your birthday?

Cheryl said...

Nope. It wasn't my birthday. Silas just randomly sings that song to dinner, in the morning to wake me up...once, all the way through Target! :-)

I met Dennie and Carrie Martin several years ago just before they left for Guatemala. At the Shaffers.

Sounds like a great time!

Steve Maxwell said...

It's funny Cheryl. We have the same amount talking but it is from a cute 18 month old who speaks "babinglish". Thanks for beautiful picture.

Aimee Jo said...

Our dinner conversations are never that exciting! It makes me smile to read that blog, though. I can hear it happening as I read.

Trisha said...

Sounds oh-so-familiar! This week I've had the opportunity to listen from another room while dinner happened this week. It really is quite amusing from that perspective. (And somehow not at all frustrating!)

Kiss your kiddos for me. And I'm with Papa. You deserve chocolate. Maybe wait until after the kids are in bed...