Monday, August 14, 2006

The Finish Line

We're home. In our house. All thirteen boxes, 6 carry-ons and 6 weary travelers.

We arrived in Ft Portal on Wednesday.

And found things as normal.

Road blocked.

Rat invaded.

Water leak.

Power off.

No phone or internet.

Home sweet home.


There is alot of work to be done between now and the official "we're settled" declaration.

But for now I'm just going to catch my breath. Walk off the sprint. And enjoy the Finish Line.

I am glad to be here.


Cherise said...

Glad you had a safer trip home than us:-) Cason's cast comes off in four weeks...

kristi w said...

Cherise, what happened with Cason??

Glad you all made it home, Cheryl. I'm sure that is a relief.

Patty said...

Karibu. Welcome home. It's funny how dirty everything always looked when we got back to Africa. I read a beautiful chapter in a book this week about east Africa, though, that made me homesick for that something special that pulls you back to a continent unlike any other.

KMiV said...

Cheryl and Jeff,
Glad you got home OK. Hope you have a good cat to eat those rats.

jana said...

So glad you are home- such that it is! Yuck! Hope things settle in quickly. Jenica is home!!!!! I'm glad you got through London before the big MESS! I miss you very much! Love you, Jana

KNewberg said...

We are thanking God for your safe arrival. The kids have prayed for you every night and kept asking, "Aren't they home YET?" Tanna said to tell Kinley "HI!" We miss you!