Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Pronounced "hah koonuh". You may recognize it from "Lion King". It means "there isn't".
And it is the theme of our last few days in the Cash Household.



Mom's Energy, Stamina and Ability to Cope---Hakuna!!!!!

It seems our water tank has a broken cover and has been filled with avocados from the tree that grows just over it. The avocados were rotting in the water...and, well, YUCK!!! Our water was smelling very rank and so my husband and Ronald spent Sunday evening mucking out our water tank.

In the process, our water pipes have developed a problem and no water has flowed into our home for three days. Not fun. Jeff has dug up pipes and worked to solve the problem, but today, in desperation, we have called in a plumber. This scares me. Jeff's problem solving abilities FAR exceed most...and if he couldn't get to the bottom of this himself....I fear for what the answer may be.

As to the electricity...I don't know. It has been on and off and on and off and then just OFF for days.

We are coping. We are back to "jerry can" living. All of our water is collected in jerry cans and used conservatively throughout the day. We heat water for dishes and baths on the stove, bathe in basins and creatively re-use water. (used bath water re-used to flush the toilets...)

It is amazing how very often I need to wash my hands though--we Americans sure do love soap and water!!!

So currently, Jeff, Ronald and the plumber are trying to decide what to do next (move to another house?!?!), the kids are waiting for school to begin and me, well, I am sitting at our computer, making use of the electricity that just came back on, reading blogs and trying to ignore the plumbing woes in our life. :-)
The reprieve won't last long though...reality calls me back from blogland. And I must go...


Jim Coffey said...

God's love - not Hakuna
Your amazing mom and Dad - not Hakuna
Love from christians all over the world - not Hakuna

We take so much for granted here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The hurricane(s) have given those of us on the coast a glimpse at how 95% of the world lives ... a grand opportunity to reorient priorities toward God and Family, but I fear that most people fell back into their same old ruts when the power went back on.

p.s. do you have an email address for Sandi Peak?

Sandi said...


I don't know if you'll remember me...I met you guys at a retreat in Germany in '99 right before I moved to southern Togo to join the team there. I found your blog through your comment at Lori E.'s blog. I'm glad I found it -- I have already enjoyed reading about your experiences. Hang in there!!

Glenn said...

So, if you don't have electricity you don't need a washing machine! Right? WRONG! The only good thing about not having is the pure joy when you get it again. Kind of like beating your head against a wall, it feels so good when you stop. Our sunshine for the last several days has been hakuna. Today, God decided to turn it back on - not a cloud (well, maybe a few). It is so much prettier than last summer days when we had sunshine every day. But, alas, this is Oregon and we will have a few more clouds before Spring. As Dad, I wish I could just pop over there and fix things cause that's what Dads do. Then I remember the frustration of just getting a few short pieces of pipe when I put in the hot water heater at your previous house - you are probably better off with Granddaddy Glenn -hakuna.

We love you - hakuna not!

Cindy said...

OHHHHHH! I'll repeat myself again, thank you for helping me to remember what I take for granted each and every day!! May your blessings come to you in abundance!

Lynn said...

Bryson still loves the blue book, though he knows the numbers in the new "Big Book." In the office the other day, I took down a couple of old Stamps Baxter books that we used to use when I was a kid out on the lease and all those Baptist people came to the Moneys for some sangin', acapella no less, because we could not afford a piano. My daddy really could sing bass. As I remember it he could make the rafters in that old company house rattle just like J.D. Sumner. One of the "up" sides to this transition is I am now leading singing again. I do love that. Thanks for bringing all those memories. Papa Oops, just noticed I'm on the wrong post. Oh well....