Sunday, November 27, 2005


...My Uncle Tommy and Aunt Pat moved to Tyler when I was really young. I remember that we all thought it was very far away. I was EAST TEXAS for goodness sakes! :-)

We got Uncle Tommy's church bulletin every week. I read it, oddly enough. Alot of names that I didn't recognize usually...but I read Tommy's writings at the front then scanned the youth group news and announcements for my family's names...

Christmas 2001. We were in the States to raise money and search for a supporting congregation. We had just traveled for 3 weeks, across the United States, making contact with all the congregations that had supported us in the past. We were warmly received each time. But, over and over, we were told "no" to our request for oversight.
I was newly pregnant (SURPRISE!) and very sick. It had been a long journey.
I was home for Christmas and the whole family was together. It was great.
As the festivities ended and our family prepared to return to their homes, Uncle Tommy gave Jeff an email contact.
Jack. Missions Committee chairman.
Tommy said it was worth a try. He said that Glenwood was a wonderful place and that the church loved missionaries.

Over the next few weeks, we sent requests and information to several different churches. There were no immediate we began to wait....

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brandonandkatie said...

I just wanted to say that I enjoy your site (and the other sites your family/team has going). I visited Sherwood last week when I was in Odessa for Thanksgiving (my grandma lives there) and your dad made a little plug for your weblog, so I went looking for it. I have been looking for Church of Christ missionary weblogs to follow (I'm a big blog fan) but they seem to be hard to come by. Anyway, just wanted to say that it's great what you all are doing. Though I have a blogspot account, my real weblog is at