Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Offer

There was a baby in the house the last few days! And it was delightful. Our friends, Doug and Destiny, went away for a few days to celebrate their anniversary and they entrusted us with their treasure named Jotham. He was a joy to have around. He is cuddly, cute and loved to smile at his Aunt Cheryl. I got to have all this enjoyment without morning sickness or labor. AND after two days of fun, I handed him back to Mom and had a whole nights sleep again. Being "Aunt" is pretty great!

When our friends came to pick up their little one, we invited them to join us for a cookout. As we were eating, IT happened. I think our friends were still a little giddy from their trip...or something.... but still, with our children as witnesses, IT did happen.

The Offer was made.

"So, guys. You should get away sometime. WE'LL WATCH YOUR KIDS."

Did we hear them right? Are they thinking clearly?

Who cares?!?!?! They OFFERED!!!!

And away we go... :-)


Diane said...

Kinley, Alex, Isaac and Silas,
Oh how I would love to be the person to come and stay with you for a few days and let Mommy and Daddy take a few days of vacation.
Maybe that day will come soon.
Lots of love, Aunt Diane & Uncle Larry

phyllis said...

Quick, Cheryl, take them up on the offer!
You have another offer--when you come back to Oregon, Glenn and I would love to babysit our four grandkids from Africa while you two go relax somewhere. How about it? Is it a deal?
Love, Grammy