Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Usual

The house is finally quiet. Two doll blankets, one Tonka truck and a few odd blocks litter the living room.The hum of the generator allows me to use this computer and the lights. Mosquitoes are buzzing...and I feel slightly chilled. It rained hard again today. It rains everyday now. The roads are very muddy and I wear sweaters morning and night. Hot coffee and hot tea are my mainstays.

This morning started with Silas..."momma (three pounds on the head) pahcohn (popcorn?)". After a muffled "no" from sleepy mom...he reconsiders... "appah joos?"

We got the apple juice and mixed the waffles. Everyone fought to have a turn at cracking an egg or stirring. Diapers were changed, clothes were found, many hugs given... Alex made me a construction paper burrito and Kinley said that she liked to tell me her secrets...(smile).
School consisted of dinosaurs, Tower of Babel and the Roman Empire. Discussed seperately, of course, but thinking back...might have been more interesting together.:-)
Alex practiced "u" and Kinley practiced the soft "c"--lace, face, pace...We added, graphed and counted.

Isaac's nap book was "Where is my Blankie" and Silas' nap book was "Touch and Feel Wild Animals" (actually not an idea we should support...) :-]

We had peanut butter and apples for lunch---sour cream enchiladas for supper. Isaac wore his patch for nearly two whole hours, cuddled with me for 15 minutes and asked for chocolate 187 times (okay, I didn't actually keep track...)
We cut Alex's hair, everyone took baths and the kiddos are now asleep in their beds.

I've just reconnected with friends in the cyber world and will now make one last walk through the house, re-situate mosquito nets over the kids, pray again for God's protection and peace...and eventually,I will fall asleep...

Its Thanksgiving week... and for all these "usuals", I am deeply thankful.

Jehovah Shamma---He is so very good.


Steve Maxwell said...

Thank you Father for "The Usual" blessings.

kristi w said...

Thanks for the visual into a "usual" day. Oh, how I would love to have a day with you like that! Put the kids together in a room, while you and I chat over hot tea, no doubt jumping up to referee Connor & Isaac every few minutes...stop to make lunch together for the kids...laugh as Trinity & Kinley dance for us with colorfly-donned make-up and dress-up clothes...listen to Jeff & Allan recap the adventures of their day out. Sounds like a very good day to me.

phyllis said...

This Grammy wishes I could be there with your little crew as the days are filled with so much love. Those little tidbits into their daily lives makes me aware of how much I miss being with them. Give them each a big hug and a kiss from me, please.
I like the Touch and Feel Wild Animals book--as that's what I've done on our travels when I saw a Tapir, a sloth, a tiger, a yak, and a capybarra--and the 10 ft. boa constrictor! There have been a few that I didn't touch and feel, though!! Crazy Grammy!

Glenn said...

Can't help but comment on Grammy's urge to touch. She forgot to mention touching a giraffe, trying to catch a piranha, and my favorite - almost being "touched" by a hippo. Actually she outran it. What is it about 2nd grade teachers? Maybe they are a little "touched?" It's the everyday usual things that form the cushion of security which gives a family balance, and the ability to face and deal with the unusual.

amy said...

Just listening to your usuals makes me feel hugged by your whole family! As Robert and I walk from day to day with God we are continually amazed with all the usual blessings he gives us.
Love you dear friend and miss you greatly!