Monday, November 28, 2005

Part I--McDonalds

My most memorable McDonald's meal took place in Abilene. I was hugely pregnant with our third child and we were trying to survive an extended furlough while looking for a new overseeing church.

Jack and Tootsie. We'd been looking for them for the whole lectureship and finally, on the last day, we met them face to face. They asked us have lunch with them.

Jack was the head of the mission's committee at a church in Tyler. We were meeting to discuss...well...our life. Our dreams. Our struggles. Our hopes.

Everything really. And we decided to do that discussing over greasy McDonald's burgers. Jack and Tootsie were patient with us. We chose McD's because of the play place.

I remember telling Jack alot of stories while Tootsie madly tore open ketchup packets to keep our kiddos happy and stuffed with french fries!

I remember feeling tired and weary to my bones. Jeff told all we had been witnessing in Uganda. I listened to stories I had lived and re-lived so many times, wondering if anybody would ever EMBRACE this ministry as we had. Share the passion with us.

I couldn't read Jack's mind. He was thoughtful. He used few words and made no promises but said he would pray.

We hear that alot when we talk about the work here. "We will pray." Precious commitment. One we do not take for granted.

That day, at McDonalds, I learned several things:
1. Tootsie is the world's fastest ketchup packet opener---seriously!
2. Jack and Tootsie are Kylie's grandparents (long story)
3. When Jack says he will pray....he means it.

It was just a visit at McDonalds. But, oh, how it changed my world.


Greg said...

Thanks for sharing this story from your unique perspective, Cheryl. We love to hear it and need to tell it over and over again. You really do need to write that book! We love you all!

Lynn said...

I remember that day well. After Tootsie did her magic with the ketchup, I took the kids to play, but the play thing was closed. So we went for a walk so ya'll could talk. It was very evident from that lunch that God was at work in all of you. I remember "feeling" that "our prayers had been answered" for a supporting congregation for you. Praise God! I love you!

Cheryl said...

Dad--I remember your many times. What in the world would I have done without you and Mom on that furlough?!?! Opening your home to me and my brood for the EXTENDED stay. Watching the kids while I had the flu, flew to Tyler for meetings, had a baby...Well, it was pretty wonderful...and I appreciate it to this day. You and Mom and your home are a safe place, a haven. I love you...