Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Part III---Tell Me the Story

(this is fourth in a series of blogs...if you are just starting to read, scroll down to the prologue and start there...)

Jack and Tootsie's phone rang non-stop. Jack smiled alot.

Things began to take shape. We were to meet with the new mission committee dinner Thurs...sharing time Friday...lunch with Greg ("he's the greatest guy..."Jack said)... lunch with Jim...

We met alot of people. Faces, names, quick smiles and hugs. We sat in alot of circles and told ALLLLOOOOOTTTTTTT of Africa stories.

As Jeff would talk, I would watch the faces. They were passionate. Spell-bound. Interested....

They couldn't get enough.

I was amazed at this. Most people enjoy a story or two...but these folks would CHOOSE to listen for hours at a time. We'd stop when WE got tired. Usually, it was the other way around.

It seemed to me...and I was still cautious in my assessment...but, it did seem...God was building in these people a deep love and passion for the Ft. Portal work. I wanted that to happen...but could it really? Congregation-wide? Kids to adults? Elders, missions committee....I was watchful. But still hesitant a bit.

At night, we would return to Jack and Tootsie's. Over a bowl of cereal we would talk about what we were experiencing. Jack would smile. Remind us he was praying.
And somewhere in the talking, Jack would say. "If God makes this happen, you're gonna be loved like you've never been loved before. Because Glenwood will TAKE CARE OF YOU. I just know it."

Then Jack and Tootsie would ask Jeff to tell just one more story....

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