Thursday, November 17, 2005

My New Friend

Our last trip to the capital of Uganda had my mind on one thing. I needed a friend. And I was set to find that friend.

I asked God to provide. I was asking, not for necessity. But out of longing. And a tad bit of desperation.

One shopping day. Pile of shillings in my bag. Deliberate walk to the back of the huge, amazing department store in Kampala.

And there....with etheral lights shining around it...and the hint of the hallelujah chorus in the background...was My New Friend.

Now, I was warned about buying my Friends in life. But sometimes you have to make the exception.

And so I did. My bright shining Friend stands proudly in my laundry room. Her name is Whirlpool and she hums delightfully as she works.
She gives to me graciously. Scrubbing, wringing, cleaning and releasing me to serve my family in other ways. All her valves and doohickies work brilliantly and the floods of the laundry room have ceased. And I love her.

Sometimes, friends are friends forever. I don't know if this relationship will last that long....but for now, she makes me smile everytime I see her.
And that is a great friend to have.


Jim Coffey said...

A machine's a friend forever,
When the lord's the lord of them.
And a washer will not say never,
though the laundry never ends.

Though it's hard to tell you so,
as the dad of five I know,
that a lifetime's not too long
to keep your friend.

kristi w said...

Great post, Jim!

Oh, happy day in the Cash house! May you and your new friend have a long, lovely relationship.

Aimee Jo said...

Oh, I'll miss the sound of a jet taking off when we are eating dinner!
Okay, just kidding. I am so happy for you-I hope it is a loyal friend, with a life-time guarantee.

Glenn said...

Hooray!! Friends are good. I still prefer the memory vision of Apuli pouring a huge quantity of soap in the old wringer washer with a resultant cartoon type soap attack. I am going to send your blog about the 35 year old Maytag to the Maytag Corp. Who knows what they might do with it?

Jeff Cash said...

Jim, You are a funny guy!
Cheryl sorry I didn't clamp the drain hose down tight enough on your new friend! OOps. Slip sliding away.....
At least we didn't resort to putting the clothes in a barrel full of soapy water in the back of the truck and drive out to the village like we used to! We've come a long way.

Diane said...

How well I remember the first automatic washing machine I got--I was so proud. My sister thought I was nuts!
I love your blog. Larry and I have said that it's one of the few things that makes us miss Africa.
Enjoy all the time spent with your new friend.
Love you, Diane

Diane said...

I remember the first automatic washing machine I ever got. I was so proud and my sister thought I was nuts!
Your blogs are great. Reading them is one of the few things that we do that make us miss Africa.
I know you'll get to spend lots of time with your new friend.
Love you, Diane

Cindy said...

OHHHHH! I do so feel your relief AND excitment!! Whew! One less worry to deal with. Happy days!! :D