Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thank you Jeremy, Steven, Twila, Mac...

I love singing. Praising. Worship.

Besides my family, group worship in my own culture and language is what I think I miss the most about America.

I have been overwhelmingly blessed with worship memories. Devos with the youth group, devos around the campfire at summer camp, singing groups in college, Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night services all my life, Faith Quest...

Most of the distinctive memories involve close friends, being outside and really, REALLY GOOD singing!

I have come to love worshipping "the African way" a great deal. I love the rythyms, harmonies and MOTION that African music demands. Most folks here give in to that musical drive and can really let go with their worship.

Watching God love and save our friends here has been one of my favorite worship experiences...To witness men and women who are dead in their spirits...come to Life in Him...its spectacular. Their worship through the process is brilliant to watch. At first subdued, unnatural....then over time...passionate and emotional.

There is a gap in most young mother's lives. That time frame from your child's infancy to age4or 5 where your worship time in church becomes a wrangle session to serve those around you. Keeping toddlers and preschoolers occupied, quiet and respectful for a set period of time (longer than 30 seconds) is almost impossible without the aid of drugs. (which I officially, on the record DO NOT support--but have been tempted on occasion to actually use! :-))

These precious (?) and valuable(!) "training years" for my children have left me in a 7 year void of sorts. The constant interruptions during worship coupled with the singing of songs in languages I don't totally understand does leave something amiss.

So the Lord created CD's. MP3's. IPODs. :-)

And He gave His servants the songs.

When I get a CD in the mail, I devour it. Read the lyrics, the thank you's, any description of where the song came from. I listen and re-listen to the words. And after a day or two of learning the happens. I am lost in worship. I am edified. I find a priceless and distinct outlet for my confession, renewal and expression of my love and thanks.

I think it is the desire of most Christian songwriters and performers that their listeners are taken before the Throne. I believe that their goal is realized in many different places and circumstances.

But I have never experienced the filling, precious gift of that music, like I have in this far off Africa place. There is a dimension to the worship I don't think I would have been forced to realize until I faced the challenges of service here....

Desperate desire.

...for God, His Healing and Grace, and my need to say "Thank you" and "please give me more. "

All in all... a pretty great thing. My needing Him.

So, "thank you" to Steven, Jeremy, Twila, Chris, Mac, Bebo...

I'll probably never meet you in person...but I join you in the worship you've recorded and shared. I am blessed and brought closer to our Lord.
He is good.


Ike Graul said...

Do you have any Sara Groves albums? Kaelea and I have been listening to her a lot and really appreciate her ability to write strong lyrics. Are you familiar with a guy named Chris Rice? This information will help us know what to bring. =)

Cheryl said...

Hey Ike---Yes, I love both Sara Groves and Chris Rice. I only have one CD each...I think I have Sara's first and I have Chris Rice's Living Room Sessions.

Sherilyn said...

Well, that threw me for a loop for a second! I know who "Mac" is (was) but was confused about "Jeremy", "Steven", and "Twila". I thought that perhaps "Tomboy" and "Jack L." were nicknames for Jeremy and Steven but I couldn't recall who Twila might be. Thought you were "holding out" on us. I think I may have just given you a great idea for an entry someday. :-) I love you.

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Cheryl,
I know it will be different from Bebo, Chris, and Sarah but I will make sure you get Kirk Franklin's new album "Hero". The first track will not to much of a change from what you expereince now. After that, things should get pleasantly unfamiliar. :-) Enjoy!